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Kurt Warner.

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Q: Which football quarterback had a 665 regular season percentage?
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Which NFL team has the best regular season winning percentage?

According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as of the start of the 2007 season the team with the best all time regular season winning percentage was the Miami Dolphins whose all time regular season record was 368-252-4 for a winning percentage of .593. Second was the Chicago Bears with an all time regular season record of 670-482-42 for a winning percentage of .579.

Lowest single season completion percentage for a quarterback?


How many regular season football games where played in 1984?

How regular season football games were played in 1984.

Who was the oldest starting quarterback of the 2011 regular season?

Kerry Collins was

What football franchise has the best winning percentage?

Highest Winning Percentage, Regular Season Miami Dolphins .580 Highest Winning Percentage, Overall Dallas Cowboys .577

What is the highest number of interceptions a quarterback has thrown in a football season?


What are the pre season football rules?

same as regular season

What college football team does Jake Locker play football for?

He was the Quarterback for the Huskies. 2010 was his last season.

What is the regular season single game quarterback rushing record?

aaron rodgers

How many games are in the regular season of football?

17 games are played in th regular season

Which college football quarterback has the most rushing yards in a season?

denard robinson

What is the record for most rushing yards by a college quarterback in a single regular season?


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