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Q: Lowest single season completion percentage for a quarterback?
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What nfl quarterback set a new record for completion percentage in a season?

Tom brady

Who is the most inaccurate quarterback in the nfl of 2008?

As far as completion percentage goes, for QBs that started at least 8 games in the 2008 season that was Derek Anderson (started 9 games) of the Cleveland Browns who had a 50.2 completion percentage on 142 completions in 283 attempts. The 2008 Browns were the only team in the NFL that season to have a team completion percentage of under 50 percent. Brady Quinn started 3 games and had a 50.6 completion percentage (45 completions in 89 attempts), Ken Dorsey started 3 games and had a 47.3 completion percentage (43 completions in 91 attempts), and Bruce Gradkowski started 1 game and had a 33.3 completion percentage (7 completions in 21 attempts).

Which football quarterback had a 665 regular season percentage?

Kurt Warner.

What quarterback has the highest completion percentage in Super Bowl history?

Drew Brees - New Orleans 2008-2009 season 5069 yards Dan Marino - Dolphins 1984 5084 yards ---- Through the 2008 season, Ken Anderson of the 1982 Cincinnati Bengals has the best NFL single season pass completion percentage at 70.6 (218 completions in 309 attempts).

What starting quarterback has the lowest passer rating for a season and still won the super bowl?

Trent Dilfer

What record does Drew Brees hold?

Single Season Completion Percentage at 70.8 percent

What college QB has the best career completion percentage?

Colt McCoy at 70.9 percent has the highest college career completion percent. He also holds the highest single season completion percentage at a ridiculous 77.6 percent.

Utah state quarterback in 1968 16.9 yards per completion for the season what is the ncaa records?

For Division 1A and 1AA as of the 2008 season, that was Doug Williams of Grambling in 1977. He completed 181 passes for 3,286 yards and an average of 18.15 yards per completion.

What team has the lowest winning percentage in regular season since the yer 2000?

the Detroit lions

What NFL records do the Pittsburgh Steelers hold?

Yougest starting QB to win the Super Bowl.Most regular season wins by a rookie quarterback (13)Highest passer rating for a rookie (98.1)Highest completion percentage for a rookie (66.4)Longest regular season win streak to start a career (15)

What is the single season record for completion percentage in D -1A NCAA Football?

76.7% held by Colt McCoy of the University of Texas

Who is the 3rd most accurate passer in nfl history?

Through 10 games of the 2010 season, that is Drew Brees with a career completion percentage of 65.2%. With 8 of the top 10 career completion percentage QBs still active, that will probably change soon.