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here is a shortlist of the 2008 countries that got a special amount of points

(system) gold=3 points

silver=2 points

bronze=1 point here is a list of countries that got above three points

China 25 points

South Korea 8 points

kazakhstan 8 points

Belarus 6 points

Germany 3 points

Russia 9 points

Armenia 3 points

Thailand 3 points

Ukraine 3 points

and North Korea 4 points

now i will add the 2004 results using the same system and i will get an overall of...

the top 8 weightlifters:

8th place: Germany 3 points

7th place: North Korea 4 points

6th place: Ukraine 6 points

5th place: Kazakhstan 10 points

=4th place: Belarus 11 points

=4th place: Thailand 11 points

3rd place: South Korea 12 points

2nd place: Russia 21 points

1st place: China 47 points hope it helps

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Q: Which country is the best at weight lifting in the olympics?
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