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They were held in Moscow in Russia

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Q: Which country hosted the 1980 Olympics in which the US didnt compete?
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becuase!they didnt want to

What country was the olympics held last year?

CANADA =) in Vancouver as well but thats in canada if u didnt know that just saying....

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they didnt win anything

Why was the Paralympics introduced?

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Why didnt people wear clothes in the ancient Olympics?


How many medals did the team from Niger win in the 2004 Olympics?

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Why was the first Olympic games done naked?

because zues didnt want girls playing the olympics but a girl disguised herself as a man and they didnt accept it so they made them do the olympics go naked

Did all GB cyclists get a medal in 2008 Olympics?

no mark cavendish didnt!

Michael Phelps come out Olympics?

His Last Olympics will be London 2012, because he didnt want to countinue past the age of 30

Why were medals handed out in the Olympics?

so you no who won and who didnt from helen wilson from matamata college

What was the uniform for the ancient Olympics?

the ancient Olympic Games didnt have a uniform, they had to perform ..... naked!

What were the US and the US in conflict in the 1984 Olympics?

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What was the rule about sportsmanship in the ancient Olympia games?

if they didnt have good sportsmanship they where kick out off the olympics

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Why didnt women get to compete at the same time the men do?

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Why did they compete naked in the ancient Olympics?

yes they did compete like that and you know what women were NOT allowed to compete... sorry ladies!!! But yes they definetly did compete naked!! GROSSI am not sure why I think it is because they wanted to prove they were strong and didnt have to wear clothes and AGAIN GROSS!!!*Actually, the men didn't wear clothes because the garments back then were loose-fitting and would possibly get tangled while they were competing. Also, clothes were moere of a status symbol than a necessity. Sorry who ever answered this question first, but i really don't think your opinion is relevant to this question :P*

What gymnastics earned a total of 7 perfects 10's in the 1976 Olympics?

Nadia Comaneci, who was only fourteen at the time but the Olympics didnt have an age regulation yet.

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