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Canada =) in Vancouver as well but thats in canada if u didnt know that just saying....

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Q: What country was the olympics held last year?
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When were the Olympics held last year?

The Olympics was last held in Beijing in 2008.

Where were the Olympics held last year?

The 2012 Olympics was held in London.

Year last Olympics held?


What year was the Beijing Olympics held?

The Beijing Olympics were held in the year 2008.

What year was the Olympics were he held in what country?


What country are the Olympics in this the year 2009?

The 2012 Olympics are going to be held in London. The Olymics are only held every 4 years, and the last one was 2008, and so there is not one in 2009.

What year was London last held the Olympics?


What year where the last Olympics held in London?


What country held the Olympics in the year 2000?

Sydney, Australia.

Which country has held the Olympics the most?

in googoo land on year one

Which country will host the next Olympics and what year will it take place?

The next Olympics will be held in Brazil and it will be at 2016

When was the first time that the winter and summer Olympics were not held in the same year?

The first summer Olympics were held in 1896. The first winter Olympics began in 1924 concurrently with the summer Olympics. 1992, the IOC held separate Olympics alternating in 2 year spans, i.e. winter Olympics last held in 2006, summer Olympics last held in 2008.