Michael Phelps come out Olympics

Updated: 8/16/2019
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His Last Olympics will be London 2012, because he didnt want to countinue past the age of 30

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Q: Michael Phelps come out Olympics
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What Olympics did Michael Phelps win?

Michael Phelps won events from the 2004 Summer Olympics to the @016 Olympics, after which he retired.

Does Michael Phelps get paid to be in the Olympics?


Was Michael Phelps' dad at the Olympics?


When did Michael Phelps make the Olympics?

Michael Phelps went to the Olympics in the years 2000, 2004, 2008 and is planning on going in 2012.

Is Michael Phelps too old to be in the Olympics?


Did Michael Phelps win in the Olympics today?


Did Michael Phelps die in the 2012 Olympics?

No he did not

When did Michael Phelps star at the Olympics?


Who has 8 golds from the US for swimming?

Michael Phelps has 23 in total, 8 is how much he won in a single Olympics.

What country is Michael Phelps representing in the Olympics 2012?

He's not in the olympics

Is Michael Phelps a professional swimmer?

Michael Phelps is most definatley a profesional swimmer! Pro level is Olympics and Fina worlds etc. Michael Phelps is the best swimmer in history. Amazing preformances at the olympics. Proud =]

What did Michael Phelps win in the ancient Greece Olympics?

Nothing. Michael Phelps wasn't alive in ancient Greece.