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Q: Which bowler take five wickets more time in icc worldcup cricket match?
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What is a 10 fer in cricket?

A single bowler taking ten wickets in a Test match has taken a ten-fer.

Which Australian left handed bowler took the most wickets in a single test match at the Sydney cricket ground?

it was mitchell Johnson

Who was the first bowler to pass the 350-wickets mark in Test Cricket?

Dennis Lillee of Australia was the first bowler to take 350 wickets in Test Cricket. He achieved this mark in 1984 in the last match of his Test Cricket career at Sydney playing against Pakistan.

How many bowler took individual seven wickets in a match in ICC world cup?

Only McGrath took 7 wickets in a match in world cup

Who was the first player in the history of world cricket to take 10 wickets in an inning of Test match?

Spin bowler Jim Laker of England against Australia in the year 1956.

How many wickets did Muralitharan took in test match cricket?

800 wickets in 133 tests.

When the last two wickets taken in a row will the bowler will get the hat trick in the next match?


Who was the oldest player to play worldcup cricket match?

It was Dave Richardson.

A bowler gets a three wicket in a match in three different overs but its a ha-trick?

No. A hat-trick in cricket is three wickets from successive balls. That can span from the end of one over to the beginning of the bowler's next, although not across innings.

Indian fastest bowler in cricket match?


Who is India's fastest bowler in cricket match?

Zahir Khan

Who took most wickets in a test match for India?

anil kumble took most wickets. he bagged 619 wickets in tests. only bowler to take 10 wickets in 1 innings.