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Only McGrath took 7 wickets in a match in world cup

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Q: How many bowler took individual seven wickets in a match in ICC world cup?
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Who won the man of the match award in Sachin Tendulkar's debut test match?

It was Kapil Dev (India) for his seven wickets and a fifty.

How many bowler took the seven wicket in ICC world Cup?

McGrath taking 7 wickets against minnows Namibia who were bowled out for just 45 that day at Potchefstroom, in 14 overs

By how much did England win their latest cricket match?

The Last Cricket Match won by England took place during December 5-9th, and was played against India. England won the match by seven wickets. The Last match between England and India ended in a draw.

Who won the man of the match in the semifinals and finals of the 1983 cricket world cup?

in semi final - Mohinder Amarnath (46 from 92 balls, 4 fours, 1 six) picked up the man-of-the-match award for his all round performancein final- Amarnath was the most economical bowler, conceding just 12 runs from his seven overs while taking 3 wickets, and was once again awarded the Man of the Match award for his all-round performance

Who took seven wickets in an innings in ICC Cricket world cup?


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