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Q: Which bat hits the ball the farthest aluminum or composite?
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Which softball bat hits the farthest aluminum wood or composite?

I think the composite bat hit the farthest.

What bat hits the farthest a corked bat or a aluminum?

Aluminum. Corking a bat reduces the collision. A ball travels further with an uncorked wooden than a corked wooden.

What baseball bat hits farthest?

Typically a lite weight aluminum bat will hit a ball further than a wood bat.

What sports ball can be hit the farthest?

baseball could be hit the farthest because of the way the ball hits the bat

What kind of bat hits the ball the farthest?


What baseball bat hits the farthest wood or aluminum?

aluminum because it absorbs the ball and wood bends with the ball.This is kinda funny because we just did an expirent in sciene on this. we got the aluminum because some wood bats have week spots

Which hits a ball further a wooden or aluminum bat?

aluminum bat

What bat hits the ball farthest wood or metal?


Does a composite bat hit a softball farther than an aluminum bat?

a composite bat hits farther because the in side is not hollow

What bat hits further aluminium or composite?

An aluminum bat will generally hit further because of the more "pop" it contains. This is the main reason for the new safety regualations for bats coming in 2011 *****A composite bat will hit the ball further and faster, that's why there getting rid of composite for 2011. The BBCOR bats will make the ball come off the bat slower than composite. -Call Me Drew

Which bat a big barrel aluminum bat or a regular aluminum bat hits the ball farther?

its the same

What hits farthest wooden bat or big barrel aluminum bat?

Aluminum....thats not that hard it is metal so it goes further where wood absorbs the force.

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