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As in club? A 7 iron up.

But as in type, an oversized iron with a low centre of gravity, this will help get the ball in the air, and therefore get the ball to stop on the green quicker.

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Q: Which Golf iron do you use for hitting the ball high?
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On a full swing in golf does a wedge hit the ball further then a five iron?

No, a 5 iron would hit the ball about 180 where as a wedge about 125. Depends who is hitting it.

When playing golf do you shift your weight when hitting an iron or not?


In which sport would you use a 'sand iron?

A "sand Iron" is a golf club (iron) designed to hit a golf ball out of a sand trap or bunker.

When using an iron golf club where should the ball be?

The ball should be in the middle of your stance.

What is a Burke nub iron golf club?

A chipping iron made for left or right hand players for hitting from under trees.

In which sport would you use a'sand iron'?

A "sand wedge" is used in the sport of golf.

What is a golf iron with a p on it?

pitching wedge wich is degined to pitch the ball

What is the rule for 7 iron loft low to high?

There is no rule saying how high or low the loft of any club can be. Someone at my golf school has an 11 degree driver since he cannot hit the ball very high.

What is the meaning of pulling iron?

Pulling iron is talking about the way a person swings their clubs in golf. Some people will naturally "pull their iron" to the left or right when they swing, making it difficult to get a straight shot on the golf ball.

What is the proper way to address a golf ball?

You should stand with your feet parallel to the target about shoulders width apart with the ball in the middle of your stance (for an iron or wedge) for a driver you should widen your stance and have the ball closer to your left foot (if you are right handed).

What is the general distance a 6 iron golf club should hit a golf ball?

tiger woods 225 yards average 160

How far did Sam Snead hit a golf ball with his irons?

About 170 with his 9 iron, it was unbelievable