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A "sand Iron" is a Golf club (iron) designed to hit a golf ball out of a sand trap or bunker.

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Q: In which sport would you use a 'sand iron?
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In what sport would one use a Medicus 5 iron?

A person would use a Medicus 5 iron in the sport of golf.

How whould you separate sand and iron?

Use a magnet to attract all the iron out of the sand

What can we use to separate iron filings mixed with sand?

We can use a magnet. It will attract the iron and pull it from the sand.

How might you separate a mixture of iron shavings and sand by using their differing physical properties?

You would use a magnet and the magnet will attract the iron since its magnetic the sand would stay michael Zender

How you would separate a mixture of sand sugar and iron fillings?

Use a magnet to remove the iron, then pour what is left into water. The sugar should dissolve. pour the solution through a sieve to remove the sand and gravel. A fine sieve can be used to separate the gravel and sand.

What method used to separation iron from sand mixtures?

Use a magnet to attract the iron, leaving the sand behind.

How do you separate dry sand from iron nails?

Use a sieve to allow the sand to pass through, leaving the iron nails behind. Or use a magnet to attract the nails and remove them from the sand.

How do you use magnets?

you can use magnets to separate iron from sand.

How do you separate sand and iron marbles?

Use a magnet.

How do you separate sand and iron filings?

You use a magnet because iron fillings are magnetic.

Who is sasori's favorite puppet?

The Third Sand Kazekage because he can use Iron Sand technique.

How do you separate sand iron and sugar?

Use a magnet to pick up the iron. Then add water. The sugar will dissolve and run out as syrup, and the sand will remain. ----