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* Thierry Henry * Dennis Bergkamp * Andrei Arshavin

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Q: Which Arsenal players hae scored a hatrick for the club?
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What is the football club that have many Muslim players?

arsenal fc

Where did the name arsenal football club come from?

Arsenal gets it name from the word arsenal, as the first players for Arsenal were soldiers and worked at the Arsenal, so it gets its name.

List of arsenal football club players salary?

a shiny sixpence

How many goals scored Theory Henry for arsenal?

Thierry Henry has scored 229 goals for Arsenal (226 when he was first at the club, and then 3 more during his loan spell back at Arsenal), making him Arsenal's top goalscorer of all time.

How many goals as robin vanpersie scored in the English premier league for arsenal fc?

Robin Van Persie has scored 92 goals for Arsenal FC in the Premier League since his move to the club.

How many matches did Thierry Henry play for arsenal?

Thierry Henry played 254 games for Arsenal. He scored 174 goals in his time with the club.

What are the list of players who have scored against every premier league club?

Kevin Phillips, Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard are some of the players who have scored against every premier league club.

Does arsene wenger get 50 percent on the proceeds of players grown by him in Arsenal when sold?

No.if arsenal sell a player,the money will go to the club and not wenger .wenger does not own the club.

Which was the first club to field a side without an UK player?

Arsenal and it was also Arsenal who were the first team to have an entire squad with no UK players

How many goals has Chamakh scored for arsenal since joining the club?

8 in the league 12 in all competitions

Who is the biggest club spurs or arsenal?


What is the Arsenal Club Mascot named?

The Arsenal club mascot is called Gunnersaurus.

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