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Pedro, Barcelona

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Q: Which football players have scored in 6 different competitions for the same club in one season?
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Which English player has scored most goals in all football competitions?

Darren Huckerby

How many football players have scored 999 goals?

Only two, me and you

How many Irish players have scored in a Football World Cup final?


Who scored the most touchdowns in high school football history?

eleven players

Which Dutch players have scored in the premier league?

50 different Dutch men have scored.

How are cheerleading teams scored at competitions?

It is by opinion

Which players have scored for five different premiership teams?

Nick Barmby

Which current football player has scored the most goals against Liverpool?

Didier Drogba has scored a career nine goals in all competitions against Liverpool; 2 for Marseille, 7 for Chelsea.

How many goals has Owen scored for man united in all competitions?

Michael Owen has scored 7 goals for Manchester United in all competitions

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored in this seson in all competitions?

2010/11 season Wayne Rooney has scored 16 goals in all competitions.

What players have scored for 5 different premier league teams?

Andy Cole

Peter schmeichel scored against who?

He scored 9 goals in his football career against a 9 different teams ..

Which players have scored for 5 different clubs in champions league?

There are two players Nickolas Anelka and hernan Crespo.

How many goals has Diego Maradona scored in his professional career?

Diego Maradona scored 292 goals in the many years of his professional career. Diego Maradona is considered the greatest football player by many football experts, critics, fans, current players, and former players.

Which football players have scored for six different premiership clubs?

Craig Bellamy Andrew cole Marcus bent les Ferdinand nick barmby robbie keane Peter Crouch

How many goals does Thierry Henry scored with arsenal in all competitions?

He scored 174 goals for Arsenal.

How many players have scored 4 goals in 2009?

As at 12-Jan-2010, five Liverpool players have scored four or more goals in all competitions; Dirk Kuyt - 6 Steven Gerrard - 6 David N'Gog - 6 Yossi Benayoun - 7 Fernando Torres - 12

Who currently has the most goals scored in all competitions?

Fernando Torres

How many players have scored 5 goals in a football match?

1 player has and he plays for Manchester united and his name is berbtov. He scored 5 goals in a match against blackburn.

Which players have scored at three different FIFA world cups?

Ronaldo the Brazilian striker has scored in all his world cups from 1998 to 2006.

How many goals has Messi scored this season?

Messi has scored 47 goals this season in all competitions for Barcelona..

What football player scored the most goals in there football career?

Pele and Romaria are the players who scored the most goals in their carrers. Both scored 1000+ goals although some of these goals might be in leagues which are not very competetive Artur Friedrich who scored over 1,300 goals in his career more than Pele and romario

Is soccer and football scored differently or the same?

Soccer and football is the same sport witha different name, it is called football in the uk and soccer in the u.s.

4 players who scored against Manchester united for 3 different clubs?

Tom Farringtonnn

4 players who have scored for 4 different teams in the champions league?

Whoever they are, they're mercinaries