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Thierry Henry has scored 229 goals for Arsenal (226 when he was first at the club, and then 3 more during his loan spell back at Arsenal), making him Arsenal's top goalscorer of all time.

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Q: How many goals scored Theory Henry for arsenal?
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Who has scored 100 goals for same team in premiership?

The arsenal striker Theirry Henry scored over 1000 goals for arsenal.

How many goals didThierry Henryscore for Arsenal?

Thierry Henry scored a total of 254 goals for Arsenal.

How many goals did thierry Henry score for arsenal?

Thierry Henry scored a total of 174 goals in 254 games for Arsenal FC in his time there.

How many headed goals has Henry scored for arsenal?


Who scored the most goals in a season for arsenal?

thiery Henry

Who has scored the most goals for Arsenal ever?

Thierry Henry

How many goals has Thierry Henry scored against Chelsea?

Thierry scored ten goals against Chelsea in all competitions for Arsenal.

What was the most goals thierry Henry scored for arsenal in one season?

38 Goals ,03/04 season

How many goals has adebayor scored for arsenal?

He scored 46 goals in 104 appearance for Arsenal.

How many goals did Thierry Henry score at highbury?

To date Thierry Henry has scored 227 goals for arsenal and a whopping 137 at highbury from 99-06

What is the number of goals scored by Cliff Bastin for arsenal?

Cliff Bastin scored a total of 178 goals for arsenal.

How many seasons where thierry Henry at arsenal for?

Thierry Henry played a total of 377 games for Arsenal.