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Around the free throw line.

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Q: Where is the high post in basketball?
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What is the height of a standard basketball post?

The basketball rim is exactly 10 ft 0 in. high

How high are the basketball rings?

how high are the basketball rings? how high are the basketball rings? how high are the basketball rings?

What were the first basketball nets?

The first net wasn't actually a net. The first basketball hoop was actually a wooden crate with no top or bottom in it and it was nailed high on a post.

Is there a such position as a post in basketball?

No. There is something called playing in the post, which means playing near the basket. The post positions are located on the blocks (low corners of the paint) and at the free throw line elbows (high corners of the paint).

What is the Height of junior netball goal post?

- recommended for ages 8 - 10 years (called netta): post height 2.4 meters or 8 feet high. - for ages 10 years old and up regular netball post height is 3.05 meters or 10 feet high just like basketball

How high is the pole for basketball?

How high can a basketball go up to?

What does a post do in basketball?

a post player plays under or near the basket

How high is the basketball hoop in 6th grade basketball?

as high as highschool changes at 4th grade.

What is the jumper in basketball?

The jumper is usually the "post" (usually closest to the basketball hoop.

Do you have to be tall to play in high school basketball?

You don't have to be any height to play in high school basketball, or any basketball.

How many inches high is a high school basketball hoop?

All basketball hoops are 10' high, which is 120".

How high is a basketball basket?

A regulation basketball goal is 10 feet high at the rim.

What is the height of a basketball post?

10 metres

How many periods in high school basketball?

there are four periods in basketball

What are posts in basketball?

The low post is an imaginary area outside either side of the foul lane (paint) close to the basket. The high post is an imaginary area outside either side of the foul lane (paint) close to the free throw line.

What are the requirements for a post player in basketball?

be really tall

What is the height of junior high basketball hoops?

The heighth for Jr. High Basketball hoops is 10 feet.

Does Texas high school basketball have a shot clock?

No Texas does not have a shot clock for high school basketball

How many boys play high school basketball in America?

Approximately 535,570 boys play high school basketball in the United States. The number of high school girls that play basketball is about 436,100.

How many years can you play high school basketball?

You can play high school basketball as long as you are in high school, which is an average of 4 years.

Does the air pressure inside a basketball affect how high the basketball bounces the hypothesis?

Yes. A full basketball with medium to high pressure will clearly bounce higher than a flat basketball with low pressure.

What is the standard height of the basketball post?

I don't think there is one. The standard height of the rim is ten feet, but nobody cares how high the pole is, as long as it's at least high enough to put the rim at ten feet.

How high are the basketball rings in wheelchair basketball?

The hoops are the same height as a normal basketball hoop is.

What is the length of a basketball court in Junior High?

The length of a Junior High basketball court is 74 feet long .

What is Indiana rules for quarters played in high school basketball?

4 quarters of basketball at the high school. Eight minutes each.