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Behind the back line of the court.

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Q: Where is the ball served from in volleyball?
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How many time can a ball be served in volleyball?

As many as you can do!

What is ace in volleyball?

an ace in volleyball is when one team serves the ball and the other team cant return it. then the team that served the ball gets an ace

From where must the ball be served in volleyball?

from behind the yellow line in the back of the court

What is the receiving in the volleyball?

Receiving means to have the ball served to you (the start of the whole play).

What happens when the ball is served in volleyball and hits the net but makes it over?

The ball is still technically in. According to the rules of volleyball, if it hits the net and goes over, it is still in.

What happens when the ball is served and hits the net but makes it over in volleyball?

Nothing, this is completely legal.

In volleyball what is achieved when the ball is served past the opposing team and remains in bounds?

One point.

A served ball that leads directly to a point for the serving team in volleyball is called a what?

If the served ball lands in bounds on the other side of the court, and the team that served didn't get the ball returned, or the returned ball came over the net, but landed out of bounds, the move is called an ace.

What happens when the ball is served above the height of the antenna in volleyball?

Nothing, the ball is still in, unless the ball hits the antenna. If the ball hits the antenna at any point. The ball is called out.

What is the underhand serve in volleyball?

it is when the ball is served from below the waist an overhand serve would be above the waist

In volleyball after the ball is served can the other players move anywhere?

yes, as soon as the server hits the ball and it is in motion others players can move

Has volleyball rules changed today?

Volleyball now has rally scoring which is when the team who won the rally gets the point and serve regardless of the team that served the ball.

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