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Where the air tank or co2 tank normally attaches

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Q: Where do remote coils for paintball guns attach to on the paintball gun?
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Do the remote coils' work for all paintball guns?

yesyes for the vast majority, the coil is just like an extension cord basically

Are paintball guns illegal in SA?

I am guessing you meant USA. No. In fact, paintball guns are not guns. There referred to as paintball markers.

Do you need permit for paintball guns?

There are no permits for paintball guns.

Does target have paintball guns?

no they are way to gay to have paintball guns .

How many types of paintball guns are there?

there are 7952 paintball guns in the world

Can a person on felony probation go shoot paintball guns?

There is no registry orlicensefor paintball guns.

Do paintball blow guns hurt?

Not at all compared to actual paintball guns.

Are replica paintball guns legal in Victoria?

There are no permits required for paintball guns.

Do paintball guns have a recoil?

yes, paintball guns do have recoil, but no where near a real gun.

Are paintball guns illegal in Mexico?

No, there is not a licensing system for paintball guns in Mexico as there is for Firearms.

Does Kmart sell paintball guns?

Yes most kmarts do sell paintball guns

How can you tell if high voltage paintball guns are good?

There is no such thing as high voltage paintball guns.

Are co2 paintball guns waterproof?

No paintball guns are waterproof, do not submerge them, even partially in water.

What is the difference between paintball guns and bb guns?

Nearly everything. Paintball guns are fired through the use of air or CO2. Also they shoot only paint. bb Guns shoot pellets, and look completely different then most paintball guns.

Do they fix paintball guns in paintball jungle?


Is there a paintball bolt action sniper?

There are bolt action paintball guns, that can resemble sniper like guns.

Where might someone find paintball guns for sale?

Paintball guns can be found for sale at Paintballs Shop, ANS Gear, Discount Paintball, Action Village, eBay, Total Paintball Gear and Sak World Paintball.

Where can one get cheap paintball guns?

One can find cheap paintball guns to purchase on the 'Paintball Discounters' website where they have many guns for sale. One can also find them at low prices on 'Amazon' and 'eBay'.

Are paintball Guns legal for children under 16?

No, 11 is the minimum age to play, and paintball guns are not lethal.

What are some companies that manufacture sniper paintball guns?

There are a few choices when it comes to where to buy high quality sniper paintball guns. Some of these places include Choice Paintball as well as Discount Paintball.

Is it possible to play paintball with balloons instead of guns?

Not completely sure how you could use a balloon instead of a paintball marker. Though paintball is known for its guns therefore no.

Can an ex-felon have a paintball gun in Nevada?

Yes, they can own a paintball gun. The law says no firearms, but BB guns, airsoft guns, and paintball guns use air or CO2 and are there for not restricted by the firearm laws and restricted.

Where to buy paintball guns online?

Go to Google and do a search for paintball guns. and are great sites. Ebay is where I have bought most of my paintball guns. Or look up its one one the best paintball sites for purchasing. It should be one of the first few websites that comes up when you search 'paintball'

Where can you buy cheaper paintball guns?

Generally the only way to get paintball guns below market price is to buy used.

Can convicted felons have paintball guns in Virginia?

Paintball guns, powered by compressed air, are not firearms, and therefore they may be possessed.

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