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You theoretically could, but it would probably be unsafe, Remote coils are relatively inexpensive, and you will have to spend money for a harness anyways. It is not worth the risk to your back and face to try to make your own.

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yes for the vast majority, the coil is just like an extension cord basically

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Q: Do the remote coils' work for all paintball guns?
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Dose hydrogen work on a paintball gun?

No, no paintball guns work on hydrogen.

Does regular gun oil work on paintball guns?

No, you should use only paintball specific of air tool lubricant.

Can a paintball barrel work on a airsoft gun?

No. Paintball barrels are .68 caliber and have relatively huge threads compared to airsoft guns. Not only would they not fit, they would not work due to the large space between the barrel and the airsoft pellet.

What do you call people who work with paintballs?

There is not specific title for those in the paintball industry, but there are some names. Those who work on guns are considered "techs". Those who watch the games and make sure it is fair are "refs". Those are the only 2 names in paintball that are unique.

What triggers work on diablo paintball guns?

Only the stock Diablo triggers. They are not interchangeable with any other trigger typed because of the hole settings.

What are the cheats for paradise paintball and how do they work?

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Can you use 3 in 1 oil on a paintball marker?

Yes, any non aerosol, machine or air tool lubricant will work on mechanical guns. You must buy paintball specific lube however for electric guns. The best oil to use is Gold Cup oil or the best grease is Gold Cup Final Solution grease.

Will paintball remote work with SpyderAMG classic?

If it has a special tank, like you couldent buy one at a local shop, then no. If it has standard ASA threads, you can hook up a coil to anything.

How do you stop a game addiction?

well first you gotta find a subsitute like Skateboarding paintball or something acctive. and if that doesnt work just take the batterys out of the remote./ if they have any.

What regulators fit on ion paintball guns?

Just about any regulator with standard threading will work. The threading is the same as any dye, custom products and other manufacturers regulator.