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There is no place in the US that requires a permit/license for paintball markers.

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There are no permits for paintball guns.

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Q: Can you sell paintball guns in New York city?
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Does Kmart sell paintball guns?

Yes most kmarts do sell paintball guns

Does Cabelas sell paintball guns?

No, they do not sell them.

Does Newmarket flea market sell paintball guns?

Yes it does.

Does direct buy sell paintball guns?

No. Direct buy is a funiture store therefore they have no need to sell paintball goods. try look for local paintball stores or even online.

What is a good place to buy paintball guns?

Paintball pro shops are the best place to get them, however there are many websites that sell them cheap. Some good sites are Paintball gateway, ansgear, and zephyrpaintball. Some sporting and outdoor stores sell markers, but they are ususally beginner packs and other low end guns.

What kind of equipment is manufactured by Zephyr Paintball?

Zephyr Paintball manufacture all things to do with paintballing. On their website they sell paintball guns and accessories, clothing, protective gear and loaders at cheap prices.

What other sites can you sell your paintball gun in Canada?

There are numerous sites to sell your old and used paintball guns. This includes, Ebay, Pbnation, and Though be warned, you could get ripped off easily.

What website or store is the best for buying NEW paintball guns?

i would suggest even though they sell more airsoft than paintball, it is still good.

Where could one buy Spyder paintball guns?

You can buy Spyder paintball guns anywhere on the internet. It is good to purchase from stores that sell outdoor equipment such as Sporting Goods or Dicks Sporting. You can also try Amazon or Ebay.

Where can you find a paintball pump?

Paintball pump guns are sold at a number of retail locations and online stores. Walmart, Amazon, and eBay, for example, are each known to sell this item.

Can you sell Nerf guns in New York City?

You don't need to be in New York City to buy a Nerf gun.Theres a very good web site that ships fast and the prices are extremely cheap

Would a online paintball business do good even if i did not have a physical field?

So basically you would buy and sell paintball guns? there are alot of sites that do that already. Unless you can manufacture unique parts, or get hold of a large stock of guns, this is probably a hard thing to get into.