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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Where did the olympic games first start?
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On which year did the first Olympic start?

The first Olympic games were in Greece.

When did grant hackett first start in the olympic games?


In what city did the morden olympic games start?

The first modern Olympic games wer in Athens, Greece.

When did the olympic games for ice dance start?

First an Olympic sport in 1976.

What year did the winter Olympic Games start?

The first Winter Olympic games were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France.

What year did the olympic games first start?


What year did the first winter Olympic Games start?


When start Olympic?

The Olympics were started in Greece. The first Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece in 1896.

What year did Olympic races start?

1896, Athens - the first edition of the modern Olympic games

When did the ancient Greek calendar start?

The answer to the question is "THE FIRST OLYMPIC GAMES"

When do the Olympics games start first?

The Olympic games started in 776 BC in Ancient Greece.

How did Olympic hockey start?

Field hockey was introduced at the Summer Olympic Games as a men's competition at the 1908 Games in London with six teams. Ice hockey first became an Olympic sport at the 1920 Summer Olympic Games in Antwerp. Canada won the first gold medal in Olympic ice hockey.

When was the Olympic Flame first introduced as burning from the start of the games to the closing?


When year did the olyimpics start?

The first Olympic Games of the modern era was in 1896....

When did the event of K1 kayak slalom first start at the Olympic Games?

1972 Summer Games in Munich.

The first winter Olympic games?

the first Olympic games was was in 1845

When were the first ever Olympic games?

The first Olympic games were in 776BC

Where and in which year did the first modern Olympics begin?

There were several attempts to start a tradition of modern Olympic games, starting during the French Revolution. The first modern Olympic games under the governance of an international Olympic committee were held in Athens in 1896.

When was the first Olympic games?

The first modern Olympic games were held in 1896.

When and where were the first modern Olympic games?

the first olympic games were in athens 1852

When did the first olympic games start?

2788 years ago - 776 BC was the first ever olymic games held in Athens (Greece).

When did rebecca adlington start swimming in the Olympics?

Adlington's first Olympic Games were in 2008.

In what year did the Olympics start?

1896, Athens - the first edition of the modern Olympic games

Were did the modern Olympics start?

The first modern Olympic games where held in Athens, 1896

When was the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens?

The first time the modern olympic games were held in Athens was the very first modern olympic games in 1896.