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No, but the ancient Olympic Games were held the sanctuary of Zeus.

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Q: Did Zeus start the Olympic Games?
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Related questions

What were the connections between Zeus and the ancient olympic games?

The olympic games were originally meant to be a form of tribute to Zeus.

When did the Olympic Games start originally?

In 776 BCE at the temple of Zeus at Olympia in southern Greece.

Why was Zeus honored for the Olympic games?

because he created the olympic games

Why were the Olympic games first created?

The Olympic games were created for the Greeks god Zeus.

Who invented the olympic games and why?


Who was honored by the olympic games?


Which Greek god was honoured in the ancient Olympics?

Zeus was honoured at the Ancient Olympic games. One of Zeus' forms was Zeus Olympia, which is why they are called the Olympic games. There used to be a giant statue of Zeus at Olympia, made of gold and ivory.

Who were the ancient Olympic games dedicated to?

The Ancient Olympic Games were dedicated to Zeus, the God of Gods.

In the olympic games began as part of a religious festival in honor of?

The Olympic games were in honour of Zeus

Thesis statement for the olympic games?

A thesis statement for the Olympic Games could be The Olympic Games were originally held to honor the Greek god Zeus.

Which Olympic god was the O lympic games dedicated to?

The Olympic games were dedicated to the Greek god Zeus.

What is the purpose of olympic games?

honor Zeus

Who was honored by the first olympic games?


What was the purpous of the olympic games?

Honour Zeus

Did the god Zeus participate in the Olympic Games?


What games were held to honor the greek god of Zeus?

The games that were held to honor the greek god Zeus was callled'the Olympic Games.

Why did Greece create the Olympic games?

The Greek city-state of Elis, where the Temple of Zeus was located, started the Games as a celebration of Zeus.

Who were the ancient Olympic Games held in honor of?

The Olympic games were held in honour of the god of gods and men Zeus

Why are the Olympic Games important?

They are the Olympic games

Why did greek hold the Olympic games?

The Ancient Greeks held their Olympic Games to honor the God of Gods, Zeus

Why were the Olympic games held?

The Olympics games were held for the God Zeus!

Who were the Olympic ames dedicated to?

The Ancient and Olympic Games were dedicated to Zeus, the God of Gods.

What was the purpose of the ancient olympic games?

It was to honor Zeus.

The olympic games were held in order to?

honor Zeus.

The ancient Greeks dedicated the Olympic Games to who?