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Q: Where did school wrestling derive from?
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Is there any wrestling school in Latvia and how much does it costs and if there isn't what is the nearest wrestling school to Latvia?

There is a pro wrestling school in Warsaw, Poland

Are you supoosed to be in wrestling in high school to have wrestling as a career?

you don't have to be in wrestling during high school Tobe a have to go to wrestling school.witch i wan't to be a wrestler so i will go to wrestling school.Answerno u don't have 2 be a wrestler in high school. You have 2 go to a Wrestling School to train though.....

Which wrestling school in Philadelphia is most respected?

Chikara wrestling academy is the most respected wrestling school in the USA

When was Scottish School of Wrestling created?

Scottish School of Wrestling was created in 2002.

What type of wrestling is taught in high school?

amature wrestling is taught in high school

Where are Pakistan wrestling schools?

There are no wrestling school in and my brother practice wrestling by ourself..

How specifically do you take wrestling stats for high school wrestling meets?

As a coach or high school wrestler.

When is the high school wrestling season?

Wrestling usually, for high school, starts practicing around November.

What are middle school wrestling weight classes?

there is no wrestling classes

What pro wrestling schools are there in NC?

There are many wrestling schools available in North Carolina. Some examples are Ivan Koloff Wrestling school in Charlotte and ICW Pro-Wrestling school in Marc Arsh Wilmington.

What age is good to start wrestling?

High school wrestling, any age. WWE wrestling, 20

Which is the best wrestling school in US?

for wwe it would be Ohio valley wrestling or Florida championship wrestling

What wrestling schools are in Houston Texas?

booker t wrestling school

What is the best and most connected wrestling school?

The school with the most students to turn pro is Ohio Vally Wrestling (OVW)

Where is a wrestling school in Arkansas?

Moondog School In Oscada, owned by former WWE Superstar Moondog Spot. SPW School Of Wrestling in Ashdown, owned by Al Henderson. These Are All The Wrestling Schools In Arizona. I Suggest Moondog School

Are there any wrestling schools near Hazard KY?

Smoky Mountain Wrestling Hazard High School Wrestling

Do you have to do wresting in school?

You don't have to take wrestling in high school (even though I am). You have to attend professional wrestling school for an average of 3 to 5 years before you can send WWE or any other wrestling agency videos or photos of you. You also have to be at least 17 to start attending most wrestling schools.

Do you need to go to wrestling school to be on WWE?

Yes and have graduated from the wrestling school and have a least two years experience before you can get a try out.

Are there WWE wrestling schools in Australia?

No they only wrestling school WWE has is in Florida

How do you get wrestling experince? This link has a page about a wrestling school.

How do you do a wrestling move without hurting someone?

The best way to learn how to do wrestling moves safely is to go to a wrestling school.

Should high school wrestling be allowed?

why shouldn't it? high school wrestling is not the same as what you see on WWE. those are professionals! all high school wrestling is trying to get the other person off their feet theres no hitting involved!

Where is a WWE wrestling school?

FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) in Tampa, Florida is WWE's developmental territory and also a good wrestling school to get you in WWE. Many around America too.

Where did John cena go to school for pro wrestling?

Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW)

What are the top pro wrestling schools?

Their's not really a pro wrestling school accept the training school down in Orlando, Florida. And that's the NXT school. So always start in high school or college.