What is the best and most connected wrestling school?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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The school with the most students to turn pro is Ohio Vally Wrestling (OVW)

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Q: What is the best and most connected wrestling school?
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Which wrestling school in Philadelphia is most respected?

Chikara wrestling academy is the most respected wrestling school in the USA

Most dangerous high school sport?

It is probably American football or wrestling. A dude got a concussion from wrestling.

Do you have to do wresting in school?

You don't have to take wrestling in high school (even though I am). You have to attend professional wrestling school for an average of 3 to 5 years before you can send WWE or any other wrestling agency videos or photos of you. You also have to be at least 17 to start attending most wrestling schools.

Is there a junior varsity and varsity for high school wrestling?

it depends what school you go to Most schools have both.

Which wrestling do you consider to be the best from the past or the present?

If you are talking about wrestling promotion, WWE has always been the most entertaining.

Which is the best event in the commonwealth?

It depends on the person who watches it but I like wrestling the most.

Do you have to keep your hair short for high school wrestling?

No, you do not have to keep your hair short for most high school school wrestling tournaments. Most will accept your hair tied into a tight ponytail with an elastic/ponytail band with NO metal on it. Headbands are also acceptable provided they are soft with no hard (or metal) components.

Pro wrestling schools for 17 year olds?

most schools seem to be for 18 and older but on youtube some kids claim they are in a legit pro wrestling school, there probably is some wrestling schools out there for teens

Most popular wrestling company?

ANSWER most popular Wrestling company is WWE

Where is wrestling most popular?

it is most popular in minehead in butlins wrestling areana

Which gernerate the most money wrestling or football?


Who is the best Heel in wrestling?

The three best heels in professional wrestling are most likely Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and Adam "Edge" Copland.-----I think that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the best. Nothing can compete to the WWE ''Attitude era''.