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First check the actual Stami or Aero Pilates site.

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Q: Where can you find an instruction manual for Aero Pilate's Machine?
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Where to get directions on how to assembly aero pilates preformer?

First place to check is the Aero pilates website.

can anyone suggest a good pilates at home machine. Does it work on stength training too?

The Aero Pilates machines are good for both pilates and strength and whole body training and work outs.

Where can someone find aero pilates classes?

One can find Aero Pilates classes at the 'Studio Samsara Pilates' website. They allow one to download a PDF timetable of the classes. Classes can also be found on 'Aerocise-Pilates'.

Where can I find a Free-form cardio rebounder for my Pilates machine?

The Stamina Aero Pilates Reformer model would be a good option at just under $500. It includes workout DVD, elastic cords, and over 50 exercises for a full-body workout. You can check it out at

where can i find a aero pilates reformer 4500 in chicago for a good price...?

Go to and search for that item in your area of Chicago.

Can a person be too tall to effectively use the Aero Pilates Performer?

I would say up to about 6-foot is max.

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When was AERO created?

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Is Aero pilates xp good?

It seems to be - after 2 weeks of regular use (4 times per week) I have shed 7 cm from my waist!! Seems incredible since I am quite a regular exerciser otherwise but this is fantastic. No weight loss but centimetres lost!

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