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The Stamina Aero Pilates Reformer model would be a good option at just under $500. It includes workout DVD, elastic cords, and over 50 exercises for a full-body workout. You can check it out at

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Q: Where can I find a Free-form cardio rebounder for my Pilates machine?
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How can you get a six pack without going to the gym or using a machine?

Read about PILATES. Understand what you eat. Do cardio workouts, do PILATES.

Is pilates a cardio workout?

Pilates is more of a strength training work out. A great exercise to lengthen muscle and define your body. But one still needs cardio to strengthen heart and burn fat!

Is pilates better than doing just aerobics only?

Aerobics is a great form of cardio while Pilates will add to it strength, toning and flexibilty work.

Can adding Pilates and yoga to my cardio routine help slim down my muffin top?


Is there a variety of winsor Pilates dvds?

Yes, there is a variety of winsor Pilates dvds. There is the Basic, the 20 minutes workout, the Accelerated Body Sculpting the Flat Abs, the Cardio Pilates and many more! There is also a Pink Workout specific for women.

Does Pilates result to flat abs?

Burning any type of fat results from physical exercise such as Cardio (high intensity) and Fat Burning (low intensity). when you do resistance training like pilates it mostly just tightens and strengthens your core UNDER the fat... I usually run for a half hour or use the elliptical machine THEN do pilates and that works great... you just need to make sure you get some sort of aerobic activity that will burn the fat, and the pilates will get you ripped.

What is an urban rebounder?

An urban rebounder is a workout system that uses trampolines and has been re-developed as a cardio workout for people of all ages. It is designed for low-impact on joints, strengthening the heart, reducing blood pressure, weight loss and improving circulation.

Which is the best type of exercising machine?

The treadmill is the best type of exercise machine. It allows you to do light cardio and even intense cardio such as interval training.

Where can one purchase a home cardio machine?

One can purchase a home cardio machine online or in a local store that sells cardio machines. Sometimes a local physical therapy place will sell their machines for new ones as well.

What are some of the most famous workouts presented by Mari Winsor Pilates?

Some of the most famous workouts presented by Mari Winsor Pilates are rapid fire routines. These type of routines combine resistance and cardio which helps you burn fat and build muscle.

Is a simple jump rope just as good for cardio as an expensive machine?

Yes, a jump rope, if used for a sufficiently long period of time, gives you as much cardio workout as an expensive machine.

which cardio equipment gives the best work out?

The trusty treadmill is still ranked high on the list as a great cardio workout machine.

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