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Q: Where can you buy cheap longboard or cruiser skateboard wheels?
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Where can you get a cheap cruiser skateboard?

walmart is a good place to buy a cruiser board but their fake boards

What are the disadvantages of using a cheap longboard?

The disadvantages of using a cheap longboard are that they tend to be made of stiffer wood and when you ride the longboard there is no give or flexibility which gives a very unstable ride.

How much do longboard wheels cost?

It depends how big or small you want it. Abec 11 are pretty cheap and serve all purposes. there usually in the 40-50 range

What is a cheap good quality longboard?

I got a sweet element cork longboard cruise off of craigslist for $50

What go faster a big skateboard or a small skateboard?

It's not actually the size of the skateboard that matter's, its the ball bearings the wheels have inside them. Cheap bearings that come with cheap walmart/warehouse boards almost always go slowly, were as proper bearings from your local skate shop will go a lot faster.

Is walmart skateboard wheels better than name brand skateboard wheels?

No, walmart wheels are ususally made of plastic and/or any cheap form of rubber while name brand wheels have better urethane formulas and have better shape to them. walmart cannot afford urethane wheels or sometimes metal trucks so they fail on you right out the box or umm the wrapper LMAO

What is a good skateboard to buy?

keep the deck to about 35 to 60 dollars the trucks about 25 to 30 dollars and wheels like 25 to 30 but none of it is cheap it you get a popular brand skateboard like PlanB or BirdHouse

How much is the cheapest longboard?

OK so your looking for a cheap longboard, in the UK where i live you can get them cheap on line. But if you get them cheap, it isn't going to be a good longboard and will get chipped away very quickly. The cheapest longboard you can get is probably them kids one like them Ben 10 ones, so go for a brand the cheapest you will find is probably around £10, and they will not be very good, so just save up for a good one.

Where can you get cheap skateboard bearings?

it depends on were you live.

What good things can you buy with 130 dollars?

Cheap phone,longboard,and old ipod

Which skateboard decks are easier to snap?

cheap ones

Where could I buy a cheap skateboard to learn to skate?

I bought my Skateboard from Sports Direct - the quality is brilliant!

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