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There are many ways to find information on the safety of doing a bench weight. The best way to find this information is to visit your local fitness center or look on fitness sites.

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Q: Where can one find information on the safety of doing a bench weight?
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Does having a spotter unrack weight for bench presser aid lifter on max?

It's a good idea. It certainly doesn't hurt. After all, the bench presser has to work less immediately before an attempt. In a competition, any aid (such as a bench shirt) is welcome. (If you are doing a heavy single bench press at home, please always have either a spotter or two or do them in a power rack with properly set safety bars.)

How do I know if I have to bench bleed my master cylinder or not?

If it is a brand new master cylinder, it needs to be bench bled. If it was removed from the vehicle, it needs to be bench bled. If the brake lines were disconnected from it and there was a lot of fluid loss, it needs to be bench bled. If the reservoir was empty or very low and sucked air when the brakes were applied, it needs to be bench bled. If in doubt, bench bleed it. It's one of your vehicle's most important safety features, don't risk your safety, or the safety of others, for the sake of saving a few minutes of time or doing a little less work.

How come only one arm hurts after bench pressing?

One of your arms is probably stronger than the other. Stay with the current weight your doing on bench and when the pain and stiffness go away you are ready to move up in weight.

If you weigh around 230 pounds how can you flatten your stomach an lose weight at the same time by using a weight bench and a weider crossbow machine?

You can flatten your tummy and lose weight at the same time when using a weight bench, by doing the exercise more vigorously and adding some extra time.

How much should a man be benching at fourteen?

There is no recognized standard but you're doing fine if you can bench your own body weight.

What is the best weight lifting equipment for bodybuilding?

The best weight lifting equipment for bodybuilding would depend what your son is trying to focus on. If he is doing upper body then buy him a bench press.

How do you get as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Just keep working out doing bench flies, bench presses. Just keep doing repetition for effect.

Fastest way to lose fat and gain muscle on the torso area ie chest and abs?

Do 50 situps with 20 pound weights and bench press as much weight as you can then keep pressing but keep lowering the weight when you cant do that much weight anymore. I went from bench pressing 90 lbs to bench pressing 120 pounds in the summer doing that every day, and people are afraid of my six pack.

How do you lift more weight in bench press?

Time and Effort, There are multiple methods of increasing your max weight in bench press. The most efficient method, solely working on bench press, is to find your max weight with a rep of at least 5. Every time you attempt to bench press again go for one more rep at that weight. Once you reach 11, increase your weight by one. Another method which can be done simultaneously is to work on the little muscles which are involved in the lifting of your weight. These may be enhanced doing various exercises. Finally, if it is a one time thing, where you are trying to impress someone with a maximum weight and a rep of 1, you should exhale as you initiate your lift. This is a surprisingly useful method which is often overlooked.

Whats the heaviest bench press by a 14 year old?

You should not try to do much weight. If you have a good spotter you could probably do your body weight. But remember what's more important? Bengkulu 200lbs or doing your body weight 10 times?

Is 210 pounds a good bench press weight?

all depends on how heavy the person is doing it ie- if your 9 stone that's good but if ya 15 stone its crap

How much can the average 50-year-old man bench press?

I bench on a Smith machine, which allows me to move more weight but not have to balance the weight. I am 50, and my best is 330 lbs. This is an increase of 100 lbs in the last year. I got back into weight training January, 2007, after doing cardio training to drop 30 lbs. I am 6 foot tall, and currently weigh 215 lbs.

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