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It has been announced that in 2014 the Ottawa Redblacks will become the ninth team in the CFL.

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Q: Where are they at with regard to expansion to Ottawa in the CFL?
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What is Ottawa's team name for the CFL?

They had two Ottawa Roughriders (Saskatchewan now owns this name) Ottawa Renegades

When did the Ottawa Renegades of the Cfl fold?

At the end of the 2005 season

What Canadian city will soon be home to the 9th team in the CFL?


Will the Ottawa renagedes come back to the CFL?

I do not quite have a total answer if the Ottawa franchise is coming but I hope they do not come back because the schedule will be unbalanced

How many teams in the CFL?

Eight teams, if you dont include Ottawa who will begin play in the 2010 season.

What CFL team has not won the Grey Cup?

As of 2013, all eight CFL teams have at least one Grey Cup victory to their credit. As of 2014 there are nine teams: the new Ottawa Redblacks have no Grey Cup wins unless you count the wins by the Ottawa Rough Riders.

What NFL team did Darren Davis play for?

Darren Davis did not play in the NFL. He was in the CFL with Saskatchewan Roughriders and Ottawa Renegades.

What football league had expansion teams in Baltimore Las Vegas and Shreveport for the 1994 season?


Expansion and contraction with regard to weathering are caused by rusting?


Is an Expansion and contraction with regard to weathering are caused by rusting?

False A+

How many of the CFL teams do not make the play offs?

With the addition of the Ottawa Redblacks in 2014, 3 teams will not make the playoffs in 2014.

How much teams are in the CFL?

The Canadian Football League has eight teams. A ninth franchise has been awarded to Ottawa, but the team has not been created yet.

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