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It's a push force.

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Q: When you kick a soccer ball is the forces push or pull?
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Bones involved when kicking a soccer ball?

Yes bones are involved. If you kick without stretching, you can pull a muscle.

How do you do the soccer move maradona?

Step on the ball with your right foot quickly then, spin and pull the ball with your left foot or viseversa.

How do you kick high and far in Kickball?

you will need to pull back your leg far and get your foot under the ball

What is pull back in soccer?

The pull back is you are moving with ball in one direction and place your foot on top of the ball and quickly drag it back towards you if a defender is not allowing you to move forwards and you want to quickly change directions.

Could you give me examples of alliteration dealing with soccer?

Soccer Stars have a lot of skill people pull shirts to get the ball on the pitch the stupendous skilled soccer player scored a spectacular goal

What forces are pull forces?

Forces such as tension , gravitation are pulling forces.

Why don't things stop when you push it like a ball on the ground?

Things will eventually stop if there is a force to stop it... and no force that keeps it moving. If there are no forces on an object, or the forces are balanced (the friction forces on a car are compensated by forces that pull it forward), it will continue moving.

What is a good practice for soccer?

1.Keepy upies2.put some things in a line spaced out and dribble around them with a soccer ball and get less spaced out as you get better3. Soot at a target4. control (throw the ball high in the air then pull it down with your foot)5.Play matches

Which direction does gravity pull on objects?

Gravity is the reason for the pair of forces between every two objects that have mass.The forces always pull the two objects together, each one gets pulled toward the centerof the other one.When I'm bowling, there are a pair of gravitational forces pulling me and the Earthtogether, another pair of forces pulling the bowling ball and the Earth together,and another pair of forces pulling me and the bowling ball together.But the only forces that we ever notice are the gravitational forces between us andthe Earth, since it's the biggest mass around. The forces of gravity between me andthe Earth pull me and the Earth together along the line between my center and theEarth's center. In exactly the same way, when I drop the bowling ball, the forces ofgravity between the bowling ball and the Earth pull the ball and the Earth togetheralong the line between the center of the ball and the center of the Earth.Wherever we are, the direction of the biggest force we feel is toward the center ofthe Earth. That's the direction we call "down", but it's actually different directions atdifferent places on the Earth. "Down" in Beijing, China, and "down" on the east coastof Argentina, are exactly opposite directions ... they point at each other (throughthe Earth).

What types of forces are there?

push and pull forces ;P

When do you use the forces of push and pull?

You use these forces when you have to push a car to the gas station. You use the force pull when you have to pull a rope.

What shape does the path of a thrown ball follow?

The ball follows a parabolic path when thrown. In a vacuum (with no air or other forces acting upon it) the gravitational pull of the earth causes the ball to accelerate toward the earth (9.8m/sec

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