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Yes so you can hit the ball harder

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Q: When you hit in softball does your wrist come first?
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Who was the first person to get hit with a softball in softball?

m best friend rebecca she was riding on a unicorn and the magical lepercon drove it in her face . i mean come on u think i know.

Where did softball come from?

Softball is a variant of baseball. All the rules are essentially the same, however, the ball is bigger in softball and therefore easier to hit and doesn't go as far when hit.

What do you do when you get hit by a fastpitch softball?

Go to first base.

Which will hit the ground first a basketball or a softball?

They both will hit the ground at the same time

First base in softball what does it do what does it mean?

First base is the base you run to after you hit the ball.

In softball what is a safe hit?

A safe hit is considered a hit that is not fielded and the batter makes it to first base without getting out.

Why was rubber chosen to be in a softball?

Well first of all rubber is chosen to be in a softball so that it can be harder to hit and safer if the ball was to hit you up side the head. So that's why rubber is chosen to be in a softball. ANSWER - it would not get damaged a lot

Is a base hit when the batter makes it to first base in softball?

It can be. A base hit is just when you hit the ball, and get on base without getting out.

What is a base runner in softball?

after you hit the ball, you run to first base and you are a baserunner..

What is the function of a softball bat?

to hit a softball.

Why is it hard to hit a softball?

It is not all all hard to hit a softball. It only depends on if you are good or not or if you can hit the ball or not.

Are facemasks in softball helping or hurting?

The facemasks are helping the girls in softball! They are helping because when playing softball the bases are soo close together and they never change distances! Parents spend so much much for the teeth. So when someone squares to bunt the girls come running in and they pull the bat back and they hit that ball they will probbly hit it toward 3 or first base and they will hit one of the girls in the face. So when they have these face masks on when they will not get their teeth knocked out or they wont get a black eye!

Is it safe to hit a baseball with a softball bat?

Softball bats are designed to hit softballs. Hitting a baseball with a softball bat may damage the bat. Either hit a softball or get a baseball bat if you do not want to risk damaging your bat.

What is a 'slow pitch' in softball?

A slow pitch softball places emphasis on how the ball is hit and not just on making contact. Driving the ball is highly essential to hitters and this will come from the speed of the bat.

Is it harder to hit a soccer ball or softball?

I think it is harder to hit a soccer ball because one a softball is soft and a softball is threw soft

Why is the wrist proximal to the hand?

The wrist is considered proximal to the hand because it is closer to the origin of the upper limb. In other words, if you draw a line from the trunk through the arm to its end, you hit the wrist first.

What is the perfect softball hit?

The perfect softball hit is when the batter is able to reach on base because of the hit. The perfect softball hit is also when you are able to advance the runner to the next base or have the runner get a score. Homerun

How fast does a softball come off of a bat?

It depends on how hard it's hit, and how fast the ball was going towards the batter.

How do you break your wrist with potatoes?

boil the potato a little bit first... not for long. then cut the potato in half, put it on your wrist and keep it on overnight. in the morning take it off, and hit it with a spoon.

How do you know a softball bat is bad?

If you can't hit the ball far that usually is the first sign that a softball is bad. Other signs may be if your striking out a lot thats a big one

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits the batter in softball?

If it hit the batter the batter gets first and it's scored as a hit by pitch.

A softball and a ping-pong ball are dropped off of a tall building Which statement describes in what order they hit the ground and why?

The softball hits the ground first because it is less affected by air resistance.

Why is a softball big?

A softball is big because it is easier to see,hit,and catch.

Did anyone ever die playing softball?

yes.. muhahaha. it was me. and i was an outfielder. and i was hit in the head with a softball, knocked unconsouis to the ground. and died. i will now come and haunt every outfielder that will ever read this. so then. they will feel my pain.

Which is harder to hit baseball or softball?

It is harder to hit a softball thrown from a perfesional softball player than it is to hit a baseball thrown from a major leager. The reason is the angle of the pitch (softball has more of an angle there for it is harder to hit) and the quickness/speed( softball mounds are closer to the plate and a softball, lets say from jenny finch, can be thrown at upwards of 68 mph; therefor it gets to the plate quiker than a 90 mph baseball pitch). IF you think what I wrote isn't true then google SPORTS SCIENCE BASEBALL VS. SOFTBALL. you will see (its a video) what I said is true,