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With a bat

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Q: How do you hit a softball?
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What is the function of a softball bat?

to hit a softball.

Why is it hard to hit a softball?

It is not all all hard to hit a softball. It only depends on if you are good or not or if you can hit the ball or not.

Is it harder to hit a soccer ball or softball?

I think it is harder to hit a soccer ball because one a softball is soft and a softball is threw soft

Is it safe to hit a baseball with a softball bat?

Softball bats are designed to hit softballs. Hitting a baseball with a softball bat may damage the bat. Either hit a softball or get a baseball bat if you do not want to risk damaging your bat.

What is the perfect softball hit?

The perfect softball hit is when the batter is able to reach on base because of the hit. The perfect softball hit is also when you are able to advance the runner to the next base or have the runner get a score. Homerun

How do you score a hit in softball?

by playing

Why is a softball big?

A softball is big because it is easier to see,hit,and catch.

Where did softball come from?

Softball is a variant of baseball. All the rules are essentially the same, however, the ball is bigger in softball and therefore easier to hit and doesn't go as far when hit.

Why is the game of softball called softball?

They use softballs to pitch, throw, and hit with. but they are not soft

Is walk as good as hit in softball?


Biggest hit in softball?

grand slam

What is a grounder in softball?

a ball that is hit on the ground

Who has hit a softball out of the astrodome?

Carl Rose

What does the symbol HP in softball?

Hit by Pitch

Why do you needed a bat in softball?

to hit the ball

When you hit the ball in softball what is it called?


What is a softball used for?

to play softball such as pitching catchig batting and throwig a softball goes along with the sportTo hit, throw, and pitch field

Is it easier to hit a softball than to hit a baseball?

If softball was easy, Boys would play too. ❤ And you know I'm right... :P

Does a baseball or a softball goes further if you hit it from the same distance?

no, thethe gravity of a baseball is bigger than a softball's. so baseball has more friction than softball. hence, if you hit both of them from the same speed ,baseball will go further than softball.

What is it called when you hit in softball the ball and make it to third base on a hit?

A triple.

What do you do when you get hit by a fastpitch softball?

Go to first base.

Does a softball bounce?

Yes, especially when hit in the infield.

Is a walk in softball counted as a hit?

No, a walk is a walk

What is the farthest softball hit by a girl?

237 feet

Does a caught fly ball count as a hit in softball?