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Yes. Unlike Baseball you can put any player back in the game. HOWEVER if the goalie is pulled its generally because he is not on top of his game and has let in some stupid or lots of goals. Therefore you usually don't see a goalie being put back in.

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Q: When you change hockey goalies during game can you change back?
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Can a hockey player cover a puck on the goalies back?

Not with his hand if the goalie is in the crease. However, a player may fall (lay) on his goaltender, inadvertently covering the puck with his body.

What are the fitness components in ice hockey?

Aerobic fitness, strong ankles, strong calves, strong thighs, strong hips, (strong abs for goalies), strong back, strong forearms, strong wrists.

What is goalies ball in soccer?

when the keeper or goalie is in possession of the ball after being received from a back pass or saving a shot

Did Hockey players wear helmets back then?


How do you start a game of hockey?

with a push back!

How do you get shaimin's sky form on Pokemon platinum?

bring shaymen to the floroma medow and it will change form. it will change back during a period of time, i for get which, but you can always change it back after the timw

Which two goalies battle for the back up spot of Eddie the Eagle from 2002-2004?

mikael telqvist and trevor kidd

Can a substance produced during a physical change easily change back?

Yes. Chemical changes are irreversible, but physical changes can easily be changed back

Which sport was earlier known as ''hockey on the horse back''?

Polo was originally called hockey on horseback

What does the back do in Hockey?

The back in hockey defends. They stop the hockey ball from going inside the goal. Just like the goal keeper. But if the backs stop the ball from going to near the D, they are good backs.

Can goalies check?

Yes but the player can't body check them back and it would be stupid because then the other team would have open net because most goalies aren't the best skating and keeping balance with all there equipment on. So you can but it would be stupid.

The first goalie to wear the goalie mask?

Jaques Plante was the first to wear a mask. Plante gets lots of credit for wearing the mask and is probably the main reason that goalies in hockey started using the facial protection on a regular basis. However, other goalies long before Plante wore masks for short periods of time due to facial injuries. For example, Clint Benedict wore a mask way back in 1930 after suffering facial cuts in a game.

How do you read the back of a hockey card?

Most hockey cards are printed in english and french, if you know how to read english or french you can read any hockey card.

How did Wayne Gretzky become a leader?

The goalies were quite easy to score on back in the day, and there was also not much competition for gretzky, so ya

Are goalies uniforms for rugby different than the players?

Rugby does not have a goalie only a full back and they wear the same strip as the rest of the team

Can Lacrosse goalies cross midfield?

yes they can as long as somebody stays back for them (there must be at least 4 people back at all times.. this is usually three long poles and a goalie)

What changes have been made to hockey?

Just one of the changes in hockey is that we now start with a push back and not a bully-off !

What is the best hockey team in the us?

Pittsburgh Penguins back to back Stanley Cup Champions.

When is Crosby coming back to play hockey?

He's suppossed to come back in a week or two

What is better field hockey or ice hockey?

Field hockey is better, it is a very old sport that takes back a long way, Ice hockey was a re-make by the Canadians made for a suitable way for colder seasons.

Who invented the goalie mask?

Probably the actual inventor of the mask will remain unknown. Masks were worn by some goalies after injuries even way back in the early days of hockey. However, goalie Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens is credited with making the mask a permanent part of the goalie's equipment back in the fifties. I would suggest you Google Plante or goalie masks to obtain more information.

Who and what are defenders in hockey?

Defenders in ice hockey are the two players in the back. They are to help the golie in their zone and keep the puck in the offensive zone.

What are R Hockey Skates?

hockey skates are skates that u use in hockey. they are different that figure skates because there is no pick, the blades are slightly curved, and they connect to the skate in the front and the back.

Name the parts of a hockey stick?

handle, toe, front, back

What does the goalie in soccer do?

1.)The goalies main job in soccer is to stay in their designated area or square and when someone from the opposing team shoots it is the goalies responcibility to block it and send it back out to their team2.)To simplify that i would say the goalies job is to guard their teams goal so that the other team would not get a point, and when the goalie got the ball they would throw it or drop-kick it to their own team!!!3.)the goalies main job is pretty much to protect the goal from other people shooting, but you have no limits as to where you can go, you can go outside of the goaly box as far as you want