Is the forward the leader on the soccer field?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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no the goalie is the leader on the soccer field

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Q: Is the forward the leader on the soccer field?
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In soccer what does a forward do in the field?


What are the field positions of soccer?

The regular are goalie, defender, midfielder, and forward

Are there positions that are the same as soccer?

The soccer positions are forward, mid field, wing, goal keeper, sweeper, bench and back.

What are the four general positions on a soccer field?

Forward, Midfield, Defense, and Keeper/Goalie

What LWF position in soccer field?

left wing forward. usually on 4-3-3 arrangement.

List the different positiions on a soccer team?

there are goalie, right defense, left defense, center defense, right mid-field, left mid-field, center mid-field, far-right forward, right forward, center forward, left forward and far-left forward

What are the three basic potitions in soccer?

there are four positions on a soccer field unless you are talking about peewee soccer. there is the goalie forward or striker, midfield, and the backs or defenders

What does a forward player do in soccer?

Forward score goals

How much does a forward run in a soccer game?


What does the midfield person in soccer have to do?

You have to help the forwards and defense, therefore your running all over the field. It's typically forward and defense mixed.

Can a soccer field be 100 by 100?

No, a soccer field is a rectangle, not a square.

Does Singapore Polytechnic have a soccer field?

Singapore Polytechnic has a soccer field.