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Yes you can, Goalie or no goalie :)

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Q: Can you touch the net in soccer?
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What is a one timer in soccer?

A one timer in soccer is where if someone passes you a ball and you hit it with only one touch into the net.

Who gards the net in soccer?

The goalie *guards* the net during a soccer match. This is the only player on the team that can use his hands to touch/block the ball while the match is in play.

What are the dimensions of the soccer net?

Well it depends on what kind of soccer net.

What shapes are on a soccer ball net?

There are squares on a soccer ball net

What is heading when you play soccer?

When you touch the ball with your head and it goes away it is called heading. you can head a ball into the net.

What is soccer net?

The net at the end of the goal.

What is the height of a soccer net?

the height of a usual soccer net is about 8 feet tall

What is the person that guards the net called in soccer?

In football, or soccer, the goalie guards the net.

What is the person call that guards the net in soccer?

In football, or soccer, the goalie guards the net.

What is the person called in soccer that guards the net?

In football, or soccer, the goalie guards the net.

What is goal in soccer?

It is when you kick the soccer ball in the net.

Can the ball touch the net during a rally in volleyball?

Yes the ball can touch the net, but the player can't touch the top of the net or bottom.

Who guards the net?

The goalie guards the net in soccer

What is soccer tennis?

Soccer tennis is when you have a tennis net and you volley a soccer ball with your feet over the net to the other player. Whoever messes up or hits the net losses a point.

How tall is a soccer net?


How long is a soccer net?


Soccer pictures and measurement of the soccer's net?

24 ft. wide, 8 ft. high, 4 ft. at the bottom- This is the standard measurement for a soccer net.

Can you touch the net in volleyball?


How many size 5 soccer balls fit in a fifa soccer net?

almost 17 but it varys with the net sizes.

In volleyball is it legal for players to touch the net?

No a player cannot touch the net at all during the game.

Can you touch the goalie in indoor soccer?

It all depends on how you touch them, if the goalie has possession, and if the goalie is dribbling the soccer ball.

Can a volleyball player touch the top of the net?

No, in club volleyball, you can touch any part of the net except for the top tape, and in high school and college, you cannot touch any part of the net.

What is a knock-on in soccer?

There are no Knock-ons in soccer. You are thinking about rugby or touch.

What is the net of a soccer goal made of?


How did they play soccer?

they kicked the ball into the net

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