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No. In hockey, you can substitute without a stoppage in play. In football (american soccer) you need to wait for play to stop.

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Q: Can you pull your goalie in football like they do in hockey?
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In a ice hockey game why does a team loose their goalie?

They dont loose their goalie they pull them and they come to the bench and a normal skater goes on for the team. They dont loose their goalie they pull them and they come to the bench and a normal skater goes on for the team.

If a goalie in ice hockey is pulled can he play later in the game?

Yes. If the team pulls the starting goaltender and puts in their backup, they can later pull their backup and play their starter again. Same goes for if the team pulls the goalie for an empty net.

How many palyer in hockey?

12 people are on the ice at the same time (with exeptions of penalties and overtime) 5 players for each team and 1 goalie for each team. But a team may pull their goalie and add one more skater if they really need a goal.

How many players aside in hockey?

5 players and a goalie, but a team may pull the goalie if they desire. There are usually 3 forwards: left wing, center, right wing and 2 defensemen: left defense, and right defense

Can you pull the goalie in water polo?


Can you pull your goalie in soccer?

No you cant peel it.

If you pull a goalie out during a game can you put them back in?

Yes, the goalie may return to his/her net when the player replacing him/her returns to their bench.

How do you reshape a goalie trapper?

push or pull in the direction you want it to go

What are sports in Arctic Lowlands?

Some traditional, like the one and two foot high kick, head pull, and mouth pull others include hockey and baseball.

How successful is it to pull the goalie at the end of the game?

only if you are doyn by 1 goal

What does pull a goalie mean?

Pull a goalie means to take the goalie out and use him as a offender to get an extra goal. Its kinda usless. This is NOT useless in Hockey! Maybe Soccer (if you can? dont follow Soccer) but there have been many late goals scored in Hockey (NHL) because of the extra attacker, happened a few times in the NHL Playoffs that just passed (2010 as in yrs passed also) also gives the other team a easier chance to score, but down a goal anyway. So nothing to lose. But by no means is this useless? Many games have been tied up because of the extra attacker! Hope your talking about Soccer? Becasue it is absoultley NOT useless in Hockey! I know this for a fact because i beton every NHL playoff game and every game`s spread was + or - 1.5, so many games the team without the goalie ended up winning by 2 instead of 1 because of. But also were games were they tied the game up too put game into OT, yes it`s more likely you score an open netter or clank it off post liek Crosby, but like i said "nothign tolose" (except screw the spread up? ha) but several teams tied games up because of the extra man.

NHL 2k9 how to pull other team goalie?

Learn to play and beat the other team fairly.

Name some moves in hockey and how to do them?

Some moves in hockey are the"pull in move", the "front fake", and the "backhand fake.

Can you pull someones jersey in football?

can you grab someones football Jersey in nfl football

Who was the first team to pull their goalie for an extra player and in what year did it happen?

I think it was the Chicago Blackhawks in the early 60's.

Can you have 2 goalies pulled at same time?

Yes, but that would not be very good strategy for either team. The most common reason for pulling a goalie would be if your team is down by a goal or two with just a few minutes to play. By pulling the goalie the team would get an extra skater. If both teams pulled their goalies it would be 6 on 6 hockey with no goalies. That would just mean players would be shooting shots from their zone or center ice. Again, you can pull two goalies at the same time, but it would be meaningless.

Who first team to pull goalie NHL?

I'm fairly sure Frank Boucher started the practice with the Rangers in late 30s or early 40s

Can you pull a players hair during the Football game?


What college football team has the best audience pull?


Can a football player pull his team mate forward?


Do you use helmets in flag football?

No. In flag football, you pull the flag out of the pants (Insted of tackling) and you wear helmets in football so when you get tackled, you won't get very hurt!

What is the difference between tackle and flag football?

in tackle football you tackle the other team in flag football you have to pull the other team members flags off of there belt

What is a reverse stick in field hockey?

Its when you turn your stick completely around so you can pull the ball away from the opposite offender.

Plug out of hockey shaft?

Use a heat gun near the plug, it will melt the glue inside and you should be able to pull it out. If it's really stuck, apply the heat and use a vise to pull the plug out.

During a delayed penalty play shall be stopped whenever a member of the offending team touches the puck?

Yes, but when their is a delayed penalty the team that is not getting the penalty can pull their goalie for an extra attacker.