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When the Netball player wants to

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Q: When would a player in netball take an advantage?
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Where does netball take place?

at netball courts

What is the past tense of take advantage?

that would be took advantage

What to take to netball?

Wear your teams uniform and if you have a netball it would be a good idea to take that also so you can practise before hand. It is also a good idea to take a water bottle and some snacks to eat when you are off.

Why do people take part in netball?

To be good at netball, to get exercise, or simply to have fun.

Are you able to take the penalty pass on either side of the penalised player in a game of netball?

Yes, usually un-less the umpire is picky, you can take the penaly pass on either side of the penalised player,

What happens in netball if you do contact?

The player who made the contact will be made to stand by the side of the player on the other team whilst they take a free pass or shot (in the semi-circle)

In netball can you take the ball out of another persons hand?

no tou cannot, it would be considered contact and the opposition would get a free pass.

In netball if a penalty has been given in the semi circle but time has just ended can the player get someone else to take the shot as usual or do they have to take the shot themself this time?

Yes another player bound in that area of the court can take the shot.

What is the advantage of soccer player?

Advantage, in soccer, refers to the discretion a referee has in calling a foul. If stopping play will affect the fouled team in an adverse way the referee can use the advantage clause and not stop play. Example: A player is making the attack towards the goal and gets fouled by a defender, the player with the ball recovers and retains possession and is capable of scoring. The referee would take away the advantage by stopping play for the foul.

If your scared on a horse would they take advantage of that?

Yes, they definitely will.

What would an exploiter most likely do?

take advantage of someone

When would you get a free pass in netball?

You could get a free pass in netball if someone steps, replays the ball, goes offside, the ball is thrown over a third etc. A penalty pass is given if a player contacts or obstructs an opposing player down the court. However if this happens in your goal circle you will be awarded a penalty pass or shot where you can choose to either pass the ball or take a shot

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