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A team would decide to punt the football in their final down. They would punt the ball to relinquish the ball if the team is struggling to win the game.

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Q: When would a football team decide to punt?
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When would a team choose to punt a football?

When it is fourth down and a field goal is too long. They won't punt when they are trailing late in a close game either.

In the NFL are you allowed to punt a ball on any down?

Yes, the team with control of the football may punt on any down.

Why do players do a punt?

A team will punt the football when they can not get a 1st down after 3rd downs. This is only done when the team is not in range to kick a field goal. The main reason for a punt is to make the other team start there drive farther back.

Who holds the longest punt in high school football in Ohio?

I was a punter for a team in Ohio in 1998 and my longest punt was 75 yards.

What is the average punt in length and hang time in NFL football?

About 45 yards per punt, and the average hang time would be right around 4.5 seconds. Therefore, the punt team would need to travel a yard per 0.1 seconds to reach the punt returner by the time he catches it.

What is a punt and when is it used in football?

A punt in football tends to be when the football is hit with the toes, rather then the inside of the foot or the laces of the boot. Punt is sometimes used to describe hitting the ball very hard and out of control. 'punt it' upfield, rather then pass it upfield. it also could be used when a team has no chance of making it to the end zone

Why cant teams punt the football after a touchdown?

The rules set it up specifically saying that the team must kickoff from the tee. Now if there was a safety against that team, then they must punt the ball to the opposing team.

Why would a football player punt the ball?

If the team is down to their 4th down and have yet to make the 10 yards to get to 1st down again, a team would either set up for a field goal if they are in range, or simply punt the ball instead of attempting a 4th and long.

Why do they punt in football?

They punt it away, because they cant get 10 yards with the 4 downs they have, and dont want the other team to have an easy drive for a TD

Is a safety a turnover in football?

Yes, because you have to punt the ball to the other team, and they get 2 points.

A team is allowed how many tries to make a first down?

a football team gets four downs. but mostly they punt or kick a feild goal on the 4th or fake a run or the could have fake punt pass

In football on a punt when ball is fumbled and goes out of bounds last touched by kicking team player who is awarded possession of ball?

receiving team

What options does a football team have if it has not gained 10 yards by the fourth down?

Field goal, punt, go for it, or spike it.

What are two options a football team has when it is on its fourth down?

Go for it, punt it, or try for a field goal and 3 points

In high school football can you punt on kick off?

No, I personally have never heard that you could. If the other team gets a safety though, then they get 2 points and the other team then has to punt the ball to them from I think the 20 yard line.

Has a team ever tried a short pooch punt from inside their opponents 25 or even 20 yard line?

In pro football, the likelihood would be slim. The main factors would be 1) the health of the field-goal kickers, 2) the accuracy of the field-goal kickers, and 3) the wind. Although no records have been found in this search, it is possible that this convergence of events has occurred. The likelihood of such a pooch punt increases as the level of skill decreases. Thus, a Pop Warner football team would likely pooch punt in such a situation.

What is a muff in football?

A 'muff' is generally used with punting and occurs when the player that is catching the punt drops it or 'muffs it' without ever having possession of the ball. There is a distinct difference in the NFL rules between a muff and a fumble. If a punt receiver fumbles a punt, that means he had possession of the ball and then fumbled. The punting team can recover a fumble and advance it as many yards as they can get. If a punt receiver muffs a punt, that means the receiver did not have possession of the ball. The punting team may recover a muff but may not advance the ball. The punting team would gain possession of the ball at the spot of the recovery.

In a football game can you recover an onside punt stemming from a safety?

Technically speaking, there's no such thing as an "on-sides punt" in the NFL (or any other league that I am aware of).A punt that moves forward is simply a punt, and if it is touched by a member of the receiving team, it may then be stripped or recovered by a member of the punting team.If it is not touched by a member of the receiving team, it will be marked dead where a member of the punting team first touches it, or whistled dead when it ceases reasonable movement.A punt that goes backwards is considered a live ball and a "muff" or a fumble, which would follow normal rules.

Can the defence block the punt in high school football rule?

a punt may be blocked by the kicking team without penalty unless there is some other illegal act involved. As long as the kicked ball is touched prior to the blocker contacting the punter the contact is ignored. For exanmple If the punt blocker were to block the punt and then make helmet to helmet contact with the punter there would be a penalty for the illegal helmet contact but not the blocking of the punt.

What is the wiaa rule on downing a punt what must the punting team do to down the punt?

In ALL FOOTBALL a punting team must actually CONTROL the ball to down it. It is commonly believed that the punting team merely has to touch the punted ball to down it, but that is incorrect. The punting team must CONTROL it to down it.

Can the punt team advance their own punt if it doesn't reach the line of scrimmage?


What is it called when your team receives a punt and runs the ball?

It is called a punt return.

Football Stats -- is a deflection of the football on a punt also considered a block when keeping stats -- assuming the ball is deflected but still crosses the line of scrimmage?

No it's not. If the ball, after a punt, crosses the line of scrimmage and hits ANY of the receiving team's players it's a live ball. So it's not considered a blocked punt.

Can the punt team catch the punt if the returner is not catching the ball?

Yes. You will see this happen when the punt is headed very close to the returner's end zone. Instead of the punt returner catching it and giving his team poor field position, like at the 5 or 10 yard line, he will usually let the punt hit the ground in the hopes that the ball will bounce into the end zone so a touchback will be called. In this case the ball would be brought out to the 20 yard line and the returner's team would go on offense. But if the punt team can get down fast enough, they are allowed to catch the ball as long as they do not interfere with the returner.

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