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receiving team

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Q: In football on a punt when ball is fumbled and goes out of bounds last touched by kicking team player who is awarded possession of ball?
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In football can you advance a onside kick if you recover it?

No. The kicking team may only recover and retain possession of the kicked ball, but not advance it -- UNLESS a receiving-team player had possession and fumbled the ball.

Can the kicking team recover a kicked ball?

Yes but only if the ball is fumbled by the other team (the runner loses possession while running or touches the football but does not catch it). The kicking team cannot recover a kicked ball if the receiving team has not touched it/fumbled. If the kicking team does touch it before the receiving team does, it is considered a dead ball and the receiving team's offense will start wherever the ball was stopped.

Can a fumbled punt recovered by the kicking team be advanced down the field?

Yes. If the receiving team has gained control of the ball and then fumbled, the ball can be recovered and returned by the kicking team. If the ball is 'muffed' (ball touches a member of the receiving team but no member of the receiving team has possession) the ball can be recovered by the kicking team but not advanced.

In football if the kicking team is kicking off in a normal formation and the receiving team does not touch it and the kicking team does touch it is it their ball?

No, the kicking team would need to gain possession of the ball. For kickoffs, the ball is considered a 'free ball' once it travels 10 yards from the spot of the kick. The ball is also considered 'free' if a member of the receiving team touches it, but does not gain full possession, before it travels 10 yards from the spot of the kick. The first team whose player gains possession of the ball is awarded the ball. Touching the ball does not signify possession ... a player must have full possession of the ball for his team to be awarded possession. A lot of 'possessions' in that last statement but that is the qualifier as to which team is awarded the ball. Touching the ball means nothing, possessing the ball means everything.

If a punt is fumbled by the punt receiver and goes into the endzone but not out of the endzone and recovered by the kicking team is it a touchdown for the kicking team or a touchback?

It's a touchdown.

What has the author Edward J Storey written?

Edward J. Storey has written: 'Secrets of kicking the football' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Kicking (Football) 'How to kick the football' -- subject(s): Kicking (Football)

Is kicking the ball outof bounds on a kickoff in college football a penalty?

Yes, the penalty is the receiving team takes possession 30 yards beyond the spot of the kick. For example, if the spot of the kick was the kicking team's 30 yard line, the receiving team takes possession at their 40 yard line.

Punting is a form of what?

kicking the football

What are some adjectives that describe football and begin with the letter K?

Football is a kicking game. Kicking begins with the letter k.

What is an extra point in football?

After a team scores a touchdown and is awarded six points, they are given the opportunity to score one more point (an extra point) on the next play by lining up in a kicking formation and kicking the ball through the goalposts.

What is illegal touch in football?

On a punt, if the kicking team is the first to touch the ball, it's called an "illegal touch" and the ball is instantly spotted wherever the ball was touched by the kicking team. The receiving team takes over possession from there on a first down.

Do they use a different football for kicking?


How did the Victorians play football?

By kicking it like we did

What energy transfer is in kicking a football?


What is the difference between a kicking football and a throwing one?

A kicking football is essentially a brand new football that is fresh out of the package. A throwing football is a "broken in" ball that is more used and easier to handle.

How is force used in football?

anything from shoving a blocker to the ground, to kicking the football

What does football mean?

It means kicking the ball with the foot.

Is kicking a football flexion or extension?

It is Flexion and Extension

What is checking the ball down in football?

kicking the ball

What is the fixator and synergist muscles when kicking a football?


When kicking a football which prime mover?

What are you ASKING

What are 3 examples of force and motion?

Kicking a soccer ball, Playing a tug of war, and Kicking a football.

What is football all about?

Its a sport with the main objective of kicking a football into the goal of your opponents team.

Does an onside kick in football have to hit the ground before the kicking team can recover the ball?

No, the football has to go 10 yards before it can be recovered by the kicking team. if it goes 10 yards and is in the air the kicking team can recover it.

Where is the ball placed when kicking a PAT in American football?

The ball is placed on the 2 yard line when kicking a PAT