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Generally there are more spectators than athletes.

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Q: When were there more Spectators than athletes in the Olympic games?
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In which olympic games and in what year did more athletes attend the games than spectators?

In Paris in 1900 the games were part of the World's Fair and many athletes and spectators never realised that the competitions they were competing in or watching were the Olympics(it was only the second one). Some of the athletes died many years later still not knowing.

Who were the spectators at the ancient olympic games and how did they behave?

The spectators at the ancient Olympic games were men and men only. Most of the competition was in the nude and the games were often considered to be a raucous party.

How many athletes are competing in the 2012 Olympic games?

more than 10,000 athletes

In which Olympic games and in which year did more athletes than spectators attend the games?

The Paris games in 1900 Many of the atletes in 1900 never even realised they were in the Olympics(it was only the second one). They just thought they were taking part in a competion at the World's Fair.

What nation has taken the most athletes to London 2012 Olympic Games?

The United States Olympic Committee sent a total of 539 athletes to the Olympics in London to compete in 25 sports. Only the Host nation had more athletes

Which athletes are entering the London 2012 olympic games?

usain bolt , tyson guy and many more.

Why are olympic athletes wearing yellow shoes?

There are more foot injuries in olympic athletes who go barefoot, and they have more problems with traction.

Why are the Olympic rings so important at the Olympic games?

Actually I think the rings are more important in promoting the Olympic games than at the games themselves, but the five interlocking rings represent the union of the five main regions of the world by the meeting of their athletes.

What is the size of each 2012 Olympic team?

I really depends on how many athletes qualify for each event. The more populas the country the more athletes they will send to the games. Each event has pre qualifiing rounds leading up to the olpymics. If a county qualifies then they can send those athletes to the games.

Can olympic athletes participate in more then one sport?


Who has the fewest Olympic athletes in the 2012 Olympics?

More than 10 countries had only 2 athletes

What does Paralympic mean?

Paralympics are like Olympic games for athletes with disabilities. ...Clarification Paralympics are for athletes with mobility or vision impairment.Athletes with intellectual impairment compete in the Special Olympics.Look these up in Wikipedia for more details and history.