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The Paris games in 1900 Many of the atletes in 1900 never even realised they were in the Olympics(it was only the second one). They just thought they were taking part in a competion at the World's Fair.

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Q: In which Olympic games and in which year did more athletes than spectators attend the games?
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When were there more Spectators than athletes in the Olympic games?

Generally there are more spectators than athletes.

Who goes to the olympic games?

Officials, Athletes, the press and spectators.

In which olympic games and in what year did more athletes attend the games than spectators?

In Paris in 1900 the games were part of the World's Fair and many athletes and spectators never realised that the competitions they were competing in or watching were the Olympics(it was only the second one). Some of the athletes died many years later still not knowing.

Were women aloud at the olympic games?

Yes. Women are allowed in the Modern Olympic Games, both as participants, and as spectators. Women were banned from the Ancient Olympic Games held in Greece, (both as participating athletes and as spectators), but, women are certainly allowed in the Modern Olympic Games.

Why did mostly us athletes attend the St. Louis olympic games?

They does not tell who. The athletes is how to start the correct thing.

In what year did terrorism affect the Olympics games?

There has to be tighter security. Many of the spectators and athletes dont attend out of fear of these terrorists

How many Chinese athletes will attend at the 2008 Olympics?

China has the most athletes with 638 competing in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

Where do athletes stay when they attend the olympic games?

They stay at a specially constructed arena called the 'Olympic Village'.

Why did the number of athletes fall in 1932 at the Olympic games?

The number of athletes competing in the 1932 Olympic games fell because the weather at Lake Placid extreme and less than half of the athletes that competed in the 1928 Olympics could attend.

How many athletes will attend the 2008 olympic games in Beijing?

According to 'The People's Daily'- the number is... 11,468.

Who were the spectators at the ancient olympic games and how did they behave?

The spectators at the ancient Olympic games were men and men only. Most of the competition was in the nude and the games were often considered to be a raucous party.

How many spectators were at the very first Olympic games?