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Women's Basketball debuted at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal.

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Q: When was women's basketball added to the summer Olympics?
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What womens event has been added to the 2012 summer Olympics?

Women's Boxing

When was tennis added to the summer Olympics?

it was put in the summer Olympics in 1934.

When was trampolining added to the Olympics?

at the 2008 Summer Olympics/

What sports have been added to the 2012 Olympics?

womens boxing

When was basketball added to the winter Olympics?


Name 3 new sports added to the Olympics since 1990?

1) Synchronized Diving - added at the 2000 Summer Olympics. 2) Triathlon - added at the 2000 Summer Olympics. 3) Trampoline - added at the 2000 Summer Olympics. 4) Snowboarding - added at the 1998 Winter Olympics. 5) Skeleton - added at the 2002 Winter Olympics although this event was in the 1948 and 1928 Games and was known as toboggan.

When was women's basketball added to the Olympics?

1976 Games in Montreal.

Is boxing in the summer Olympics?

Yes it is including the recently added Women's Boxing Events for the 2012 Summer Olympics

When was the sport basketball added to the Olympics?

Basketball was a demonstration sport at the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis. The first Olympics where medals were awarded was the 1936 Games in Berlin.

What is the newest women's sport at the summer Olympics?

Women's Boxing is the newest added to this 2012 Olympics

Is soccer an Olympics sport?

Yes it is. In addition to the mens game, womens soccer was added to the Olympic program in 1996.

What two sports will be added to the 2016 summer Olympics?

Type your answer here... rugby and golf

Will the US women's softball team be at the 2012 summer Olympics?

No, but the team is trying to get the sport back in to the 2016 Summer Olympics. They did not have enough votes for any baseball to be added as a sport or for a replacement sport

Pentathlon was added during which Olympia?

For the Modern Olympics, pentathlon was first competed at the 1912 Summer Games in Stockholm.

What was added to the game of basketball in 1916?

womans basketball was added

Why was a crown added to the Flag of Liechtenstein?

The crown was added in 1937, after it was discovered by Liechtenstein's team at the 1936 Summer Olympics that the flag then in use was identical to the flag of Haiti.

When was Diving added to the Olympic Games?

Diving was first introduced at the Summer Games at the 1904 Olympics held in St. Louis.

Is soccer played at the summer Olympics?

Yes. Football (soccer) has been played in every Summer Olympic games except from the years 1896 and 1932. Football at the Olympics was a sport for men until 1996 when women's football was added to the games.

When was dribbling added to basketball?

Dribbling was added to basketball on May 14, 1953.

When was air pistol shooting added to the summer Olympics?

instead of finding out this question play call of duty black ops zombies.

What was the first team sport added to the Olympics?

The first team sport to be added to the olympics was football :)

When was the Decathlon introduced to the Olympics?

It was added to the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.

When was the three point line added to basketball?

It depends what league you're talking about. In the NBA it was added in 1988. In college basketball I think it was added in 1989.

What happens every four years starting August 8 2008?

Beginning with the August 8, 2008 summer Olympics nine new events were added.

Why was beach volleyball added to the Olympics?

it was added because they thought it was cool