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Yes it is including the recently added Women's Boxing Events for the 2012 Summer Olympics

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Q: Is boxing in the summer Olympics?
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Is boxing a winter Olympics sport?

No, boxing is performed in the Summer Olympics.

Is boxing a sport in the Summer Olympics?

yes it is included in fact this 2012 Olympics there will be 286 participants in the boxing and women boxing is making it's debut on 2012 Olympics

What is the newest women's sport at the summer Olympics?

Women's Boxing is the newest added to this 2012 Olympics

When was boxing first contested in the Summer Olympics?

Boxing was first contested as a full Olympic sport at the 1904 Olympics. It has been contested in every Olympics since, with the exception of the 1912 games, held in Stockholm, Sweden - where boxing was banned at the time.

What is the newest women's sport at the 2012 summer Olympics?

Women's boxing.

What womens event has been added to the 2012 summer Olympics?

Women's Boxing

What sport is new to the 2012 Summer Olympics?

None. Women's Boxing is a New Set of Events, but Men's Boxing was already a sport.

What sport made its debut at the 2012 summer Olympics held in London?

womens boxing

What are some of the events in the olympics?

Some of the original sports in the Olympics were running, wrestling, and later boxing. Today there are 26 events in the summer Olympics and sports in the winter.

Who won the gold in the 1992 summer Olympics for the u.s in boxing?

Oscar De la Hoya.

Who got the Bronze medal in Boxing for India in 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing?

Vijender Kumar

Do the Olympics have boxing as an event?

yes they do have a boxing event in the olympics

Name seven martial arts found in the Summer Olympics?

Pistol, archery, horseback riding, fencing, boxing, judo and taekwondo are martial arts in the Olympics.

List of summer olympic sports?

Some of the sports that are included in the Summer Olympics are tennis, diving, boxing, and archery. Swimming, basketball, and table tennis are also included.

What sports will Trinidad and tobago be participating in the 2012 summer Olympics?

Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Sailing, Shooting, & Swimming

What division was introduced in London Olympics 2012?

Women's boxing was introduced as a new event for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

10 sports featured in the Olympics were?

They include: athletics, boxing, swimming, basketball, fencing, archery, handball, golf, sailing and shooting. The 2012 Summer Olympics included 26 sports.

Did boxing get the gold and silver medals last year?

did olympic boxing get the gold and silver medals in the last olympics? did olympic boxing get the gold and silver medals in the last olympics? did olympic boxing get the gold and silver medals in the last olympics?

When was the first year for the boxing sport an Olympics?

1904 they did have ancient olympics boxing but it wasn't considered the real "olympics" so i guess 1904 is the answer

What are four Olympic sports?

Summer Olympics: Swimming, Boxing, Volleyball, Gymnastics (Artistic and Rhythmic) Winter Olympics: Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Luge, Ski Jumping

What year year was Muhammad Ali in the Olympics?

1960 Summer Games in Rome. He won the gold medal in light-heavyweight class boxing.

What are the Irish sports represented in Summer Olympics?

There are no specifically Irish sports as part of the Olympics, such as Ireland's national sports, Gaelic Football and Hurling. Irish Olympians participate in various sports at the Olympics such as athletics, boxing, swimming , equestrian sports and others.

In what year did boxing premiere as an Olympic sport in the modern Olympics?

Boxing debuted in the Olympics at the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

What events do only males compete in the Olympics?

Decathlon and Boxing (although there are plans to including women's boxing in the 2012 Olympics).

Did boxing get put in the Olympics?

no it did not get put in the olympics because there were to many sports in the olympics