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Women's Boxing is the newest added to this 2012 Olympics

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Q: What is the newest women's sport at the summer Olympics?
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What is the newest sport in the Olympics?

Kitesurfing is the newest sport in the Summer Olympics. It will make it debut in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

What is the 'newest' Olympic sport?

Golf and rugby will be the newest Olympic sport at the summer Olympics in London in 2012.

What is the newest women's sport at the 2012 summer Olympics?

Women's boxing.

What sport made its debut at the 2012 summer Olympics held in London?

womens boxing

What new womens team sport was played on the sand in the 1996 summer Olympics?


What new womens team sport was played on sand at the 1996 summer olympics?

Beach Volleyball.

What is the newest women Olympics?

I imagine you mean newest women's Olympic sport which is boxing.

In the Olympics do you do wrestling in the winter or the summer?

Wrestling is a Summer Olympics sport.

What sport was introduced to the Olympics this year?

Womens boxing

Is gymnastics a summer sport or a winter sport?

you can do it all year round but it is classed as a summer sport in the olympics.

Which is the sport that is only for womens in the Olympics?

At the 2008 Games, that would be softball.

Is boxing a winter Olympics sport?

No, boxing is performed in the Summer Olympics.

Who is competing in the 2014 winter gymnast Olympics?

Gymnastics is a summer Olympics sport not a winter Olympics sport. Gymnastics will next be in the London Olympics in 2012 and the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Is gymnastics a sport or not?

Yes gymnastics is a sport. It is included in the summer Olympics.

Are gymnastics winter or summer Olympics?

Of course, it's a summer sport

Is swimming a summer or winter sport?

Swimming is in included in the Summer Olympics.

Is sailing a sport in the summer Olympics?


What sport was'NT in the summer Olympics?


Will the US women's softball team be at the 2012 summer Olympics?

No, but the team is trying to get the sport back in to the 2016 Summer Olympics. They did not have enough votes for any baseball to be added as a sport or for a replacement sport

Which of the following sport has been confirmed as an addition to the 2008 Olympics?

football and womens football

Is figure skating in the summer Olympics?

No, Figure Skating is a sport in the Winter Olympics only.

Is cricket a summer sport or a winter sport?

Though it can concievably be played year-round, Cricket has traditionally been a Spring/Summer sport, appearing once in the Summer Olympics in 1900.

Is the triathlon a winter or summer sport in the olympics?


Tennis and diving occur in these Olympics?

Tennis and diving are both part of the Summer Olympics. Tennis was a part of the first modern Olympics during the summer of 1896. It was taken out of the Olympics in 1922 and restored to the Summer Olympics in 1988. Diving became a Summer Olympic sport in 1904.

What sports is the US not competing in at the 2012 summer Olympics?

Handball was the only sport for which the United States had no representation at the 2012 Summer Olympics.