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in the early 1900

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Q: When was the swimming cap invented?
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What is another name for a swim cap or swimming cap?

A swim cap or swimming cap has many synonyms. Two very popular synonyms in the Mid-West are bathing cap and bathe cap. It is worn on one's head while swimming or bathing.

When was swimming invented?

when wasn't swimming invented?

What do swimmers wear when they go swimming?

they usually wear swimming trunks, a swimming cap and a pair of goggles.

What country invented the sport known as swimming?

Botswana invented swimming in the early 1960s.

Who invented synchronized swimming swimming?

Tom (Sweats at swimming) Rainsforest...

What year was the swimming invented?

1950 this was the year mexicans invented swimming to cross the rio grande

Who invented the radiator pressure cap?

the radiator pressure cap was invented by Albert Einstein

Might use this when your swimming?

Goggles and a shower cap Your swimming trunk

What hairstyles can You do for swimming?

you could do pony tails or in a tight bun or use a swimming cap

Was there swimming in 1937?

Yes there was, they had invented swimming pools by then.

How should you be attired when going swimming?

proper swimming costume- not lycra or anything swimming cap swimming goggles

Who invented swimming pools?

Ancient Greeks and Romans invented swimming pools in 3rd millennium BC

Who invented the water for swimming pools?

I'm not really sure who invented the swimming pool, BUT Somebody probably thought up of a personal place to go swimming and thought up of a giant pool of water that you could swim in. So technically no one invented the WATER for a swimming pool, since nobody really INVENTED water. They just invented the swimming pool. Hope this helps with such a strange question. :)

Who invented the Child Lock Cap?

John Knight invented the Child Lock Cap in 1968

When was synchronised swimming invented?

The ancient Greeks invented it.

The color of the swimming cap that the German team wore?

In 2008 the German swimming team wore black costumes and black swimming caps.

How To Put On Swimming Cap?

put both hands into the swimming cap and separate your fingers so your thumbs are stetching the back of the cap and your small fingers are stretching the front of the cap. Pull your hands apart so the cap is stretched wide. With your hands in this position in the cap, place the front of your cap on your forehead first (where your little fingers are) then stretch the cap over the back of your head into place. Any hair can then be tucked up the back of the cap.

How do you swim with a wig?

put a swimming cap over it

What do you wear to swim?

swimming suit, cap, googles

Who invented the swimming paddles?

Benjamin Franklin might have invented swimming paddles as a young kid to allow people to swim faster.

Does using a swimming cap make you swim faster with or without a cap analyze the data?

Swimming with a cap allows you to swim faster...but only but only slightly. This is because without a cap your hair creates the slightest bit of drag and also soaks up the water makes you heavier

Where was swimming invented?

In water !

What are the facilities used for swimming?

the facilities used for swimming are: goggles cap (recommended) flippers if not a race kickboard if not a race

What type of swimming gears do swimmers need for swimming?

If you're on a swim team or in swimming lessons, you would need goggles, a swimsuit, and maybe a swim cap.

Who invented the baseball cap?

my @$$