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The ancient Greeks invented it.

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Q: When was synchronised swimming invented?
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What date is the women's synchronised swimming final?

the date of the women's synchronised swimming final

Is Synchronised Swimming like normal swimming?

no, swimming is a real sport, syncronised swimming isn't

What are facts about synchronised swimming?


Where did synchronised swimming originate?

Synchronized Swimming originated in Montreal, Canada

What is the rule for Synchronised Swimming?

Don't drown

What are the 4 olympic aquatic sports?

Swimming Water polo Diving Synchronised Swimming

What exercise requires the most muscles?

synchronised swimming. it's swimming and smiling and there's four of you.

What are the four disciplines that make up aquatics?

Water polo, diving, swimming, synchronised swimming.

Is synchronised swimming olympic?

Yes, in the duet and team events.

What is similarity between synchronised swimming curves?

women only is the answer

When was synchronised swimming introduced to the Olympics?

1984 at Los Angeles

How many people can compete in synchronised swimming?

Í think that 6-7 people can compete in swimming.

When was the first year synchronised swimming were in the Olympics?

Synchronized swimming made its Olympic debut at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.

Why was synchronised swimming invented?

im not 100 percent sure but i do know that the first person to do it loved both swimming and dancing so they combined the two. It is a great workout and lots of fun! highly recomended. hope this helps! xoxoxo by= aoqssb

In which events at the Olympic games do women only participate?

Synchronised swimming

What are 10 sports played at the olympics?

gymnastics, rowing, diving, running, cycling, synchronised swimming, swimming races,

What aquatic sports are in the common wealth games?

The aquatic sports in the commonwealth games are Diving, Swimming and Synchronised swimming.

Which is water sport at the Olympics?

* Swimming (including open water) * Diving * Water Polo * Synchronised Swimming

In the Olympics what is the name of a swimming pool event?

There are a few events that take place in the swimming pool at the Olympics * Swimming * Diving * Synchronised Swimming * Water Polo

How many days a week dose a synchronised swimming team train?


Who was the first five people to do synchronised swimming in the Olympics?

cecelia vailea and angela katoa

What are the three women only Olympic events?

Heptathlon, Synchronised Swimming and one other

What is the sport that women are better than men?

Synchronised swimming, (arguably) diving and gymnastics.

Why is synchronised swimming just for women?

no, some men can do it too. more women do it though

Are there male synchorised swimmers in the Olympics?

No in the olympics, synchronised swimming is an all female sport