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proper swimming costume- not lycra or anything

swimming cap

swimming goggles

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Q: How should you be attired when going swimming?
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How do you use attired in a sentence?

Sally and Jack, were properly attired for the formal occasion.

How big should your iguana get before going swimming with it?

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What should you always check in a pool before going swimming?

people, chlorine.

What month can you start going swimming?

what month can people start going swimming

How many hours does it take to go swimming after you eat?

After you eat you should wait 20 minutes before going swimming to prevent a cramp.

What to wear for a girl when going swimming?

Swimming costume.

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Active transport is like going swimming and swimming against the current. Passive transport is like going swimming and swimming with the current.

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I am going to go swimming today.

Rules and regulations in swimming?

The rules and regulations for swimming varies for each swimming club. The general rules that are common for each club are, all contestants must be attired in swimming apparel. Behaving in a manner that can jeopardize his or other's life is strictly not accepted. Children who are not toilet trained are not allowed. All contestants must take shower before entering the pool etc.

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What should a 14 year old boy wear in swimming pools?

It all depends on what they are going to do in the pool. If it is just recreational swimming the just swim trunks. If you are actually swimming competitively, the maybe jammers or a speedo.

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