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Prior to 2012, the UK last hosted teh Olympic games in 1948.

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Q: When was the last time the Olympic games were held in the UK?
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Last time the summer and winter Olympic held together?

1992. The XXV Summer Games were held in Barcelona, Spain. The XIV Winter Games were held in Albertville, France.

Is Olympic Games were held for the first time in Athens?

Yes. The first Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens, Greece.

When were Olympic Games held in 1950s?

The Olympic Games were held twice in the 1950s. The first time was in 1952, and the second time was in 1956.

When was olympic last time held?

In the late summer 2008.

When Was the last time Gt Britain played Olympic Soccer?

1908 held in london,the last time Gt britain played olympic soccer

When was the last time the Olympic game held in Asia?

Prior to the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, that was the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

When was the olympic opening ceremony last held in the day time?


When was the last time Athens held the olympic game s?

It was 2004

How many time has north America held the olympic games?


Why were the Olympic games held?

It depends on what time period you are looking at. Modern (summer) Olympics are held every four years around the world - for example, in 2008, it was in Beijing, China, and in 2012, it will be London, England. However, the original Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece, in honor of one of the Greek gods, Zeus. P.S. The 2004 Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece!

What was the mascot from the commonwealth games that were last held in Australia?

Karak was the mascot the last time the Commonwealth Games were held in Australia at the 2006 Games.

Where were the 1978 Olympic games held in?

There were no 1978 Olympics. Both the summer and winter Olympics of that time were held in the same year, and every fourth year. There were Olympic games in 1976 and 1980, but none in 1978.