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It was 2004

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Q: When was the last time Athens held the olympic game s?
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When was the last olympic game held not including beijing 2008 olympic games?

The last Winter Olympic Games were in Torino (Turin) Italy in 2006. The last Summer Olympic Games were in Athens. Greece in 2004.

When and where the last olympic game held?

in Alaska

Where were Last olympic games held?

The 2006 Winter Olympics were held in Turin, Italy and the 2004 Summer Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.

In which city were the Summer Olympic Games held in 2007?

Prior to the 2008 Games that will be held in Beijing, the last Summer Olympics were held in Athens in 2004.

What year was the last winter olympic game held?

2010 in Vancouver.

Where was the last ancient olympic game held?

As usual at Olympia in Elis.

When was the last Olympic game and were?

Summer: 2004 Athens, Greece Winter: 2006 Turin, Italy

Where were the last 3 olympic games held?

The last three olympic games where held in sydney, athens and beijing. And then obviously this years is in london.

When were the last summer olympic games in japan?

They were held in Athens in 2004, from the 13th of August until the 24th.

Where were the last 2 olympic games held?

The location of the last four Olympic Games include Sochi, Russia, and London England. In addition, it includes Vancouver, Canada, and Beijing, China.

Where was the last olympic games before Beijing?

The previous games were the 2006 Winter Olympics, held in Turin, Italy. The previous summer games were held in Athens.

What dates were the first to the last modern day Olympic?

The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece between April 6 and April 15, 1896.