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It was first held on 1972.

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Q: When was the formula 1 race held at Zolder?
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Where was the first Formula 1 race held?

The First World Championship Formula 1 Race Was Held At The British Grand Prix In Silverstone

Where was the second Formula 1 race held?

The second formula one race ever was held in Monaco on May 21st 1950.

When was the first formula one race?

The first championship race was held in 1950 at Silverstone. This was not the first race held to be held under (International) Formula 1 rules technically but it was the first world championship race.

Where was the first ever race of formula 1 held?


Who was the winner if formula 1 race held in noida?

The winner of the 2011 Formula One race in India was Sebastian Vettel.

Where is the 2014 formula 1 being held?

The races are held across the world.The countries where a Formula 1 race will be held in 2014 is:AustraliaMalaysiaBahrainChinaSpainCanadaMonacoUnited KingdomAustriaGermanyBelgiumHungaryItalySingaporeJapanUnited StatesRussiaBrazilAbu Dhabi

When was the first formula 1 night race held?

Singapore GP was first held in 1966.

When was the first Fuji Speedway Formula 1 race?

The first Formula 1 race at Fuji International Speedway was held on October 24, 1976. The race was won by Mario Andretti.

When was the first formula 1 race?

The first world championship F-1 race was held in 1950 at Silverstone, UK.

When was the first Formula 1 race held in the UK?

1950 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It was the first Formula One race held anywhere, never mid just in Britain.

What famous race is held in Monaco every year?

Formula 1 Monaco GP

Who was the formula 1 car race winner held in greater noida?

Sebastian Vettel

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