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Formula 1 Monaco GP

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Q: What famous race is held in Monaco every year?
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In what city is the Monaco Grand Pix auto race held?

Monaco is a very small country and the only city is Monaco

What state has a city that is famous for the race derby held every year?


Where was the second Formula 1 race held?

The second formula one race ever was held in Monaco on May 21st 1950.

What is the most famous bike race in France called?

The tour de France cycling race, held every July, is a world-famous cycling event.

A famous 500 mile car race is held each Memorial Day in which city?

The Indianapolis 500 car race is held in Indianapolis, Indiana every Memorial Day weekend.

When is the Monaco Grand Prix?

The Monaco Grand Prix is a popular road race held yearly since 1929. The next running will be the 72nd and will be held during May 22 to May 25, 2014.

Which famous horse race happens at churchill downs?

The Kentucky Derby is the most famous horse race that is held at Churchill Downs. The Breeders cup is another large race that has been held there.

What Date is Monaco Grand Prix 2009?

The Monaco Grand Prix of the year 2009 will be held in Monte Carlo Italy between May 21st to May 24. The Race would be held on 24th and the qualifying would be held on May 23rd. There would be a total of 78 laps around the 3.34 KM Monaco street circuit. Last year (2008) Lewis Hamilton of the McLaren Mercedes team won the race.

What yacht race is held on boxing day every year?

its the sydney to hobart race

What famous car race is held on Memorial Weekend?

The Indianapolis 500

What famous car race is held Memorial Weekend?

The Indianapolis 500

What famous race takes place every year in Indiana?

the race is Indianapolis

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